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This Web Page is being used to display my newest GymArt work as it's created monthly in an all text list format. Many of you already know of my work, both my art and poetry, and know that I write poems for my art so I have included a condensed version of the poem I wrote for each new piece of my GymArt that you'll see listed below, on the page that features the full sized version of the new art.

I'll be adding new GymArt links to this list about once a month;
always putting my newest stuff on the top of the list...

This new work was done during 06/03

Alone In An Empty House

Coming Out Of The Woods

Running Away

A Man Of Many Faces

Alone In The Studio

Safe In My Bed

The Kitchen

The Good And The Bad

The Bad Dream

The Sun Room

Many Faces

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

This new work was done during 05/03

Looking Out My Window

The Underground

In The Shadows

With My Head In The Clouds

I Still Have A Little Time

The Village

A Woman In The Archway

Climbing Out'a The Pit

The Subway Train

The Man I Used To Be

Sunset On The Water

The Market Place

This new work was done during 04/03

Snakes In The Rocks

Young Lovers


The Confrontation

What's Become Of Me

Alone In A Crowd

I'm OK Now

Tubes And Things

The Sitting Room

Holding My Head

The Wall

The Meds

This new work was done during 03/03

Her Empty Room

The Cards

The Lady And Her Servants

Just Another Face In The City

There Is Someone There

The Gallery

The Lovers

The Elephant Dream

Up On The Roof

Alone In A Crowd

A Universal Game Board

Way In The Back

This new work was done during 02/03

Out On The Patio

Later The Same Night

A Crowded Room


The Top Of The Stairs

Looking At Myself

Up Or Down

Fish Came Out Of My TV

Onwards and Upwards

Like A Gameboard

Even More Fish

My Studio

This new work was done during 01/03

All Alone In His Studio

The Conference Table

The Thinking Game

Another Thinking Game

A Magical Place

Above And Below

Now Where Am I

Up In The Attic

The Island

A View From Her Window

Christ On The Cross

The View From Another Window

This new work was done during 12/02

Looking Out The Window

Mother Nature Cries Over The City

Crossed Wires

A Magical Garden

Holding Hands

A Visit To A Museum

A Room With A View


Bianry Numbers

New Art Done With Bryce

Praying Hands

The Man And His Art Fade

This new work was done during 11/02

Sitting And Waiting

People, Places And Things


There One Minute, Gone The Next

The Face Of Time

Sleeping In The Mountains

A Gallery Of Memories

Still Sitting And Waiting

A Busy Place

The Ones Who Went Befor Me

Their Personal Prison

The Hotel Room

This new work was done during 10/02

The Garden

In The Spotlight

Just One More

Time To Walk Away

Another Late Night

In The Forest

On The Edge

Stuck In The Doorway

I Stand Alone

It's Here Somewhere

On Stage

On The Corner

This new work was done during 09/02

The Maze

The Clinic Again

The Artist Again

The Artist

The Dance Hall

They All Wore Hats

Another New Gallery

Another Late Night

One Step At A Time

The Dance Hall

The Cafe

The Cafe, Another Night

This new work was done during 08/02

The Party

The Cartoon Lady

Alone In The Alley

The New Gallery

Stone Hedge

Pieces On A Game Board

The Clinic

Another Visit To The Clinic

Time's Running Out

On Stage

Another Day, Another Stage

Running Away From It All

This new work was done during 07/02

Alone In My Studio

The Cello Player And The Dancer

She Wanted To Be A Model

The Cello Player

The Lovers

The Model

I See Her In My Garden

Alone In MY Studio Again

The Silence Hurts

Still Fresh In Her Mind

The Lady And The Fish

The Lady, Her Lover, And The Man

This new work was done during 06/02

Sitting Cross Legged On The Floor

The Art Class

Back In School

She Can See Me

Doo Dads And Gagets

To Much Time

My Twin Muses

Too Many Doorways

UInder Water

Waiting For My Ship To Come In

The End Of The Line

This new work was done during 05/02

Once Upon A Time In My Office

My Muse Is ALways There

A New Art Gallery

There Are Some Who Wait For Me

Just The Three Of Us

Nothing Up My Sleeve

One Day In My Office

This Years Local Art Show

Time On My Hands

The Bad Side Of Town

Another New Gallery

Too Much Time

This work was done during 04/02

Lost High In The City

They Wait For Me

What Am I Doing Here

In My Head

These People Who

A New Direction

Another New Direction

The Lake Of Fire

Floating High Above It All

They Wait For Me

They Want To Get Into My Head

They Stand And Watch Me

This work was done during 03/02

Falling Backwards

Faces In The Clouds

From The Grave To The Gates

They Sit In The Shade

Who Are These People

Who Are These People 2

The Lovers

The Colors Are All Around Me

The Man And His World


She's Behind Me Now

A Quiet Place

This work was done during 02/02


The Gears Keep Spinning

The Hallway Mirror

They're Always There

The Only Way To The Top

More Boxes

Even More Boxes

The Long Way Down

The Hallway

Almost To The Top

I'm Lucky To Be Alive

The Party

This work was done during 01/02

A Stairway To Nowhere

The Book Of Knowledge

It's Easy To Walk Away

Welcome To The Jungle

The Quiet Studio

The Beach House

The Ground Split Open

The Idea Faries

They Come When I Am Sleeping

I Can't Understand What I See

What Do They See Up There

I Still In My Studio

This work was done during 12/01

Life Is A Game Board

My Hands Are Tied To Stop Them

There's A New Game In Town

At The Casino

Waving Goodbye

My Hands Are Tied

My Hands Are Still Tied

The Game Makes Me Blue

She's In A World Of Her Own

My Head Is In My Hands

I Can Have Anything I Want

I Still Have My Head In My Hands

This work was done during 11/01

The Game Board Of Life

Waiting On The Corner

On Stage For The First Time

My Window To The World

Two Strangers Meet

She Walks In And Saves Me

The Game Board: Another View

The Beach House: Many Steps

Sitting Thinking About It All

The Gathering Of Friends

The City Offers Me Anything

I Work Until I'm Seeing Triple

This work was done during 10/01

The Crowded Room

The City Streets

He Came Between Us

I Can Never Leave Here

It's Midnight Already

My Empty World

They Are Everywhere I Go

The Stairway To The Unknown

My Two Faces

Lost In My Own World

This work was done during 09/01

Everything I Need Is In My Computer

The Man In His Room

After Work

Her Shadow

The Art Show Again

The Spirit Of The Ruins

They Don't Talk Much Any More

The Shadow People

My Own Little World

More Of My Own Little World

This work was done during 08/01

The Art Show

The Gallery Walls

Outside My Window

Now They Come To Me

They Gather In Strange Places

Lost In The City

Steps That Go No Where

At The Top Of The Stairs

How Can I Be Sure

The City

This work was done during 07/01

Standing By The Window

A Day In My Life

The Dream

The Bedroom

The Window

The Lesson

The Grave Yard

I Still Dream About That Place

She Is Waiting

My Broken Left Wrist

She Wore Her Red Dress

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