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The Mirror Too

The other way round

How can she look in the mirror
why did she do what she did
what made her think she could
keep something like that hid

How can she look in the mirror

Why did she have to go and
do what she did to me
why did she have to go away
so she could be free to be...

I  wonder why she did this

what ever she thinks is a better
new way for her to live her life
she might as well, cause what the hell
she would never make a good wife

I  wonder why she did this

Now she looks in the mirror
and at last she realized what she has done
for me to draw, and write about this
has not been very much fun

she is fadeing away now

How can she look in the mirror
that's all I want to know
maybe it's time, I hide away
maybe it's time that you know...

she is looking in the mirror

where I'll be if you don't see me
and what I'll be doing while there
now my heart is open
and my soul is completely bare
as she fades away...

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