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Please use the many links below to go to the different Virtual Reality Worlds I have created using VRML code [virtual reality markup language] and my own original GymArt as textures and backgrounds for my Virtual Reality Worlds that you can explore by walking, running or flying through [ IF you would like to fly with in one of my vrml worlds be sure to turn off the gravity in the world, down on the control panel you'll see embedded in the VRML web page].

Each of my GymArt VRML Worlds is an extension of my imagination, and gives you a peek into what I would be building today, if I had the money to buy the land and to sponsor such a project... You will see buildings shaped like none you have seen anywhere before, you'll see arches, all sorts of arches, and columns, masses columns, and the stone and brick work I have done on the buildings in my worlds, will baffle any mason... I use a lot of Italian Marble in the lower chambers of the buildings in each world, be sure to look for holes in the floor, and doors that will lead you into the lower chambers...

To see each level of the whole world before you start to explore the world, use the camera control in the control panel you'll see embedded on the bottom of the vrml web page, and change cameras, one at a time, and that why you'll get the grand tour if you take a look at the world first, through each camera...

Have fun exploring my VRML GymArt Worlds, and remember you can go inside the building, and there are doorways, and holes, and ramps you can take to get into the underground chambers... Remember, if you have any questions at all about how I do this vrml, write to me and feel free to ask...

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The NEW VRML GymArt.com World 7

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