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This Is Some of My Newer Work
This work was done 06/25/99
Very late, when I should have been sleeping...

I'm Midway

I am lost again

I stand there alone waiting
I need to know what to do
should I turn and go backwards
or go forward on towards you

You're in the highest of places
high at the top of the stairs
sometimes I wish I knew what to do
sometimes I wonder why He would care...

I am waiting at The Gates for Him
to let me in or turn me away
I can't stop thinking about this
I am midway what can I say...

yes, I am midway

I am helpless when it comes to decideing
just which way to go
one way is eternal glory
the other is no place to know
so I stand here mid way waiting
to hear what He will say to me
as I pray to Him day after day
some times even on my bended knee
I feel so lost and uncertain
just exactly what should I do
I stand here mid way, please tell me today
Dear Lord I am begging you
To tell me if you hear me
I scream out my plea
I wonder Lord do you
think that YOU can help me...

yes, I am midway

©1999 Jim Nasium


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