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This Is Some of My Newer Work
This work was done 11/05/99
Very late, when I should have been sleeping...
The Gunja Boat

The Gunja Boat

The gunja boat just sat there
as they brought boxes, from shore
the ship was already loaded
but the captain wanted just a few more
the hour grew much later
we sat waiting because of his greed
we all knew we best be going
the winds were up, and we'd need the speed
we pulled aboard the anchor
we said our last good-bye
we got about ten miles out to sea
and then we started to wonder why
why we were risking everything
why did we had to take this trip
I never will forget that night
I sat on board the smallest gunja ship
way out there in the ocean
no sign of land or man
drifting silently into the night
eerything was going just as we planned

I'm in a strange place, a place not of this earth

©1999 Jim Nasium


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