These are just a few of the
MinT ErRoR cOiNs
in my personal collection

Some of you who stop by here may all ready know that I am a coin collector. I've been collecting coins for about 35 years now! Recently I have branched off into a rather rare type of coin called "The Mint Error Coin". There are many different kinds of Mint Error Coins but my favorite type of mint error is the Off Center Strike, and the off center double strike. Below are some pictures of a few of my off center strike US Dimes..



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Jim Nasium is the Author of: "How To Measure Off Center Strikes" found in Error Trends May 25th, 1989 on page 15 AND "To Measure Or Not To Measure" found in Error Trends Oct. 25, 1988 on page 27 AND in ERRORSCOPE Nov. 1989 Vol. 6 #4 on page 7 you can read an interesting artical on how to measure off center strikes I wrote called "Try It...You'll Like it" with photos...

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