The Clock above is a photo of one of my off center US cent clocks. Each hour position of the clock is represented by a U.S. cent that was struck off center about 50%. The 12 coins together in this format make a nice "clock"
These are just SOME of the Mint Error Coins
in the collection Of Jim Nasium

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1998 Jim Nasium

Jim figured out a method of measuring the percentage of off-centerness of the mint error coins by using a dial caliper. Numismatists the world over who collect mint error coins and the entire circle of coin collectors around the globe now use Jim's method for measuring these off-center coins. It is known as the Saldutti Method of Measurement for Off-center Strike Coins and Planchet Clip Coinage.

To read more about this get a back issue of Error Coin News, write to the publisher, Marty Argolioui,
and ask for a copy, please tell him Jim sent you!

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