Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

The buses I would travel on
when I was in The Andes
were always a real adventure
each ride was special to me
I'd some times take a First Class Bus
padded seat and windows with glass
air conditioning and music playing
were part of traveling in class

Most of the time I went cheap as I could
old buses that were painted bright
no glass in any of the side windows
yet they were always packed real tight
cheap buses wouldn't leave the depot
unless every single seat was taken
often we'd break down in the middle of nowhere
felt lost and a bit forsaken

A bus always would be waiting
no matter where I'd go
some of them went pretty fast
but most of them went slow
along one lane narrow dirt roads
that were paved with pot holes
passengers in the bus with me
were shaken down to their souls

Of all the buses I would take
the one I loved the best
was a weird looking combination
that was better than the rest
it was half truck and half bus
hauled people and cargo
it was the cheapest bus around
that'd go where I wanted to go

All the buses in The Andes
are painted very colorfully
bright colors that reflect
a feeling of being happy
the drivers know all the best spots
in town not many gringos do
for a few beers and some conversation
he'd get you anything you wanted too

I managed to take some photos
of some buses I've been on
some of the rides lasted over night
went from dusk to dawn
the worse ride I ever took
was from Popyan to Pasto
over the worse roads I've ever been on
but it's a wonderful trip to know

I will always remember
the bus trips I used to take
when I was in The Andes
please make no mistake
how could I ever forget them
each ride was special to me
way back when I was hippie
in the seventies

©2006 Jim Nasium

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