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A Magical Place

crossing the river was the easy part
the sun was glowed as a gentle rain fell
there was a rainbow in the southern sky
it was humid and hotter than hell
the men who rowed the reed boat
told tales of an encounter they had
I sat there listening mesmerized
but inside I thought them both mad

time passed and darkness settled in
I was tired and wanted to call it a night
stories they told me played in my head
I'll admit they gave me a fright
to sleep must be taboo here
they sat round the fire all night
drinking chi chi and snorting powder
ready to leave again at first light

our boat was tied to a tree
supplies neatly packed away
we were ready for our adventure
to the ruins for a night and a day
cutting our way though the jungle
we took one step at a time
this is a very magical place
you never know what you'll find
©2001 Jim Nasium

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