Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Hungo Fields

In the coolness of morning
while the grass was wet with dew
walking out to the cow fields
was just one of the thing's I'd do
some times I'd walk some times I'd run
other times I'd ride a horse
the only thing that mattered
was just being there, of course

A degree North of the equator
in the Andes central chain
a place I stayed for a long time
until I damn near went insane
I was the very first gringo
to ever live in that town
it pleased me to be there
with the Andes Mountains all around

One main street with stores and shops
along both side of the dirt road
small bamboo homes here and there
where fruits and vegetables growed
a humble place to say the least
poverty was the rule not the exception
I got away with any thing
no one saw through my deception

The town was like no other
it sat in a bowl shaped valley below
a circle of The Andes Mountains
a place not many gringos would go
surrounded by cattle farms every where
on each of the mountains side
just being there alone in paradise
gave me a sense of pride

Towns people were friendly and willing
to do anything I asked for free
they made me feel like a king there
would do anything for me
I lived in a small house with a courtyard
a water fountain, porch and a shower stall
most of the locals that visited me
couldn't believe half the stuff they saw

My home was furnished nicely
I bought the best stuff I could
willingly paid for it dearly
just like I knew I should
I brought wealth to this little town
which made me sort of a king
I'd be all blown out on coke and mushrooms
herb, wine and every thing

The fields that surround this little town
were flat and a small river ran through
there were cattle every where
and a lot of cattle poo
of course that's where the hungos grew
physco-active mushrooms to you
I'd go on trips every day
there wasn't much else to do

A walk through any field at all
just before sun up at dawn
to collect thirty or so mushrooms
really didn't take that long
then I'd climb a mountain side
and just sit there on the top
all blown out with my head in the clouds
I never wanted it to stop

A town like no other
cattle farms every where
friendly happy people
always willing to share
fresh fruits and vegetables organically grown
sold in the market place every day
sometimes I wonder to myself
why the hell didn't I stay...
©2004 Jim Nasium

If you look close you can see the small town in the trees there

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