Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Hotel On Monkey Hill

In a town of about two hundred
children and adults that are friends
there is small hotel, a store and cafe
where adventure never ends
one day while sitting in the shade
sipping a tall glass of iced ganja tea
a man told him about a friend of his
that had a room for "almost free"

They made their way up the mountain side
to a place called monkey hill
deep in the red ground district of Jamaica
a place to go if you want a thrill
the woman who had the room for rent
was happy they could agree
she gave him some food and drink
then sent a young girl round for free

He lived in a room in back of a house
owned by an old woman and her family
most'a the men were off in the city
if you wanted work that's where you had to be
the days went by uneventful
the nights were never spent alone
he started to feel real comfortable there
wanted to call this place his home

One day the old lady asked him
if he ever planned to leave her place
she said she's grown used to seeing
his handsome smiling face
she showed him all the land she owned
said he could have a niece piece cheap
told him he could build a house there
so he went ahead and took the leap

The deal was done the cash was paid
a few local men were hired
the job would be a special project
a place the environment inspired
materials were delivered a week late
but each day they made some progress
his dream home was starting to take shape
it looked good, more or less

He built a nice two bed room house
with a living room and a porch
a kitchen near a large garden
for light at night he used a torch
he had everything that he needed
growing right where he could see
the place was his own, he called it home
it was great to live wild and care free

Time passed as he got low on money
he got a great idea to make some cash
he rented out his second spare room
for $500.00 a week tenants got food and a stash
the second week he had a tenant
he used the money to build a third room
rented it out then he built a fourth
suddenly the place started to boom

Before he knew it he owned a hotel
he was raking in the cash
just kicked back on an island
long hair, big beard and mustache
don't forget this was the seventies
you could do things like that then
now the place has changed so much
at least he still has his old friends

The hotel's still up there and open
way back high on monkey hill
they say it's busier than ever
young folks go there to get a thrill
today it's the grand daughter
of the lady that sold him the land
who's in charge of all that's going on
never the less, she seems to understand

He hasn't been there in some time
yet it's a place he can call his own
there's another small house there now
where he can go to be alone
older now he just can't do
the things that he used to
so he writes about The Hotel On Monkey Hill
just for something to do...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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