Poetry by Jim Nasium

Everything Must Come To An End

WARNING: slight very lite adult content

Walking alone for a few days
sleeping out under the stars
the planets were all in the night sky
I could see Venus and Mars
the chill of the night was relaxing
it helped a guy to sleep
karma always protected me
what you sow is what you reap

Jumped a fence into a private field
lined with coffee trees
they were all loaded with red beans
just as pretty as you please
I made my way towards the sun
to a clearing in the crop
the coffee trees just went on forever
they looked like they would never stop

Trodding through the thick grasses
that grew between the coffee crop
I was tired and a little thirsty
no matter what I just had to stop
I took my bag off my back
sat down and had a drink
something reflecting the sun caught my eye
then it made me start to think

I reached down and picked up a green stone
it looked almost like it was glass
I knew right away what I had in my hand
was an Emerald of the lowest class
but the stone I found on the ground
could be cut, polished and shaped
just then a camposino walked up to me
he was wearing a hat and poncho like cape

He asked "what do you want here gringo
why are you sitting in my coffee field"
I told him I had lost my way
asked if knew what his ground could yield
"if you're talking about them green stones"
he said "take as many as you please
they get in the way of the coffee tree roots
we got to pick them out on our hands and knees"

I introduced my self as Jim Nasium
he said he was Carlos Guzman
we talked for a little while
he asked me back to his house then
once we got there we had some coffee
his wife made us some rice and beans
then he introduced me to his daughter
she was in her late teens

I couldn't keep my eyes off her
she was as beautiful as could be
I knew what she was thinking
by the way she kept looking at me
after dinner, some wine and a sweet smoke
I made my way to the room they gave me
it wasn't too long after I settled in
everything happened just like I wanted it to be

She walked into my room quietly
had a blanket wrapped around her naked skin
and what I planned to do to her
was nothing less than sin
but she was ready and willing
before we knew it dawn colored the sky
she lay there in a puddle of blood
and she started to cry

I had no idea she was a virgin
now what was I going to do
when her father found out what I did
my welcome there would be through
even worse he may shoot me
her mother will cut off my balls
I knew I was in big trouble
it felt like I was nailed to the wall

The door to my room flew open
her father walked in with some towels
he never said a word about his daughter
It was good to know he and I were still pals
then her mother walked in with a big tray
a breakfast that was fit for a king
said today my little girl is a woman
I didn't have to say anything...

A few days later at dinner
I told her father I was going away
he asked me to take his daughter
back to the U S of A
he told me he'd give me emeralds
and even a little gold
I knew he thought he had a deal
and that his little girl was sold

Her mother told me stories
of how she wanted an gringo grandchild
when ever she talked about it
she wore the greatest smile
I liked being with their daughter
she and I had become good friends
"but sooner or later" I told them
"everything must come to an end..."

I left there in the morning
a bag full of emeralds in my hand
the mother and father were crying
the daughter didn't understand
but me I knew what I had to do
and just went on my way
I still got a few of them emeralds right here
even to this day...
©2004 Jim Nasium

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