The poems listed below are adventure stories told in a poetic form
I hope you enjoy my...

Adventure Story Poems
by Jim Nasium

We Tie The Wind In A Knot

Another Day For The Wizard

The Hunters

All About Otavalo Ecuador

No Place I'd Want To Stay

A Most Amazing Place to Stay

Los Lajos; A Place Of Miracles

Things I LOVE About Colombia S.A.

Waiting For The Bus In Jamaica; TWO VERSIONS

A Man And His Home Made Ferris Wheel

The House In Negril Jamaica Then And Now

The Cave Behind The House In Negril

The Beach In Negril Jamaica

A Short Story Poem: How I Got My Pen Name (in Jamaica)

The Market Place

Green Mangos

Wishing I Could Fly

Two pages from my 1973 Colombian Journal

Another Two pages from my 1973 Colombian Journal

Adam The Red Eyed Hippie

Yet Another Two pages from my 1973 Colombian Journal

Buses [In Colomia]

All About Otavalo Ecuador

The Keeper Of Bees

Just For Me

The Old Mans Pennies

Photos Of Colombia Buses

Searching For Treasure

In Pursuit Of Magic Mushrooms

The Canopy Crane

Everything Must Come To An End

The Old Mans Pennies

The Hotel On Monkey Hill

It Will Be Light Again Before Long

Coffee Bean Oil And Sandwiches

Colombia: A Magical Place

The Impossible Journey: Part 1 & 2

The Impossible Journey: Old Version

Going Around In Circles

The Hotel Delta

The Hotel Delta (the next time around) ...

To Be Renewed


The Road Side Rest Stop

Lost On Dark Water

I Pray For Dawn

A Magical Place

The Magical Salad

On Days When

Dec. 7th 1973

The Ganja Fence

Just Another Day

I Would Do It All Over Again

The Earth Quake Of '73

The Hungo Fields

I Love You Negril

That Night In The Andes

The Bus Stop

High In The North Of Peru

The Men Who Clear The Jungle

Way Out In The Jungle

Lucky To Be Alive

On The Other Side Of The Border

The Town At The End Of The Road

Somethings Going To Happen

Some Where In Peru

Cartagena: The Hotel Bella Vista

The Circus Wilson

Cartagena: The Fortress San Felipe

Buena Ventura: The Good Adventure

The Horse I Rented

San Agustin: The Hippie Life

San Agustin: Alto De Los Idolos

Santa Marta: The Gunja Fields

Santa Marta: I Want To Die In Your Arms

The East Side Of Peru

The East Side Of Peru Too

Another Side Of Peru

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines So Long

Life On The Amazon River

A Trip Through The Night

Los Lajos: Part One & Two

I'll Never Forget Her, Or Her Plan

The Perfect Night

To Stay In Quito: It'd be Nice To Know What's New

To Stay In Quito: A Place I Know

The Treasure Hunter

On The Road To Bon Bon

The Cafe

Riding A Horse In The Andes: I Ain't No Cowboy

A Trip Through The Night


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