Poetry by Jim Nasium

I'd Do It All Over Again

Once upon a time
I loved being on the road
but now I am old and tired
all my wild seeds have been sowed
but I've been through the West Indies
used to play in The Andes
ran around wild in the Amazon
I did what ever the hell I pleased

but that was then and this is now
today I can't go any where
this cancer got the best of me
but I don't even care
because I was the lucky one
to do what I did back then
and if I ever get my health back
I swear I'll do it all again

It's hard for me to walk now
very hard for me to sit
hard for me to lay still
and I'm really tired of it
there's cancer in my abdomen
my left lung and hip too
so now I write down my memories
there's not much more I can do...

when I was a younger man
I was the lucky one
I went to far away magical places
and I had a lot of fun
keep in mind it was the 70's
things were different then
but if I could turn back time
I would do it all again...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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