Poetry by Jim Nasium

No Place I'd Want To Stay

A small town facing the ocean
in a far away magical place
fishing boats tied to the dock
rock at a gentle pace
last nights catch was bountiful
fishermen made their wages and more
they're all down at the hotel now
looking to get drunk and find a whore

A market place in the center of town
comes alive now that the catch is there
vendors gather around to deal
each with their own story to share
even in this beautiful place
greed is alive and well
these people live in paradise
but make it a living hell

An old woman sits in the corner
under a tree in the market place
selling fried fish and rice and beans
she always has a smile on her face
her food is good she sells it cheap
her portions are hearty and fair
of all the vendors in that place
she is the fairest there

Just across the narrow dirt street
is the only bakery in town
it's not a bad place at all
if you keep your expectations down
they sell bread and sweet rolls
but the baker and his wife
love to tell stories
about this town and their life

The hotel across the dirt street
has a bar and cafe too
most of the folks in town eat there
that is if they've money too
selling fish isn't too profitable
not like it used to be
this isn't really a tourist town
there's not a whole lot to see

On the beach around mid morning
down near the rocks at the rivers end
women gather to wash their clothes
fishermen have nets to mend
the afternoon sun is hot
nights are cool and forgiving
sundown the boats head out to sea
men trying to make a living

No one has a car of their own
but there are a few trucks
the bus stops by two times a week
and that really sucks
nothing ever happens here
it's the same thing every day
a very nice place to visit
but no place I'd want to stay...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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