Poetry by Jim Nasium

Just For Me

Just before dawn every morning
I'd get out of my bed
walk out to my courtyard fountain
splash some water on my head
make my way down to the market
buy fruit and bread with cheese
the vendors I dealt with there
always aimed to please

The old woman I'd call The Fruit Lady
would bring pineapple and papaya for me
some of them were so very big
bigger than they should be
the baker would bring me fresh bread
with a little goat cheese inside
I'd always over pay him
it was good for his pride

The man who sold oranges
would bring me special treats
like granadilla, and lulu
I thought he was kind'a neat
he wore a giant cowboy hat
even fancy cowboy boots
rumor has it that he and the police
did business and were in cahoots

The old Indian banana lady
would also bring me lemon and lime
she had to be eighty years old
dressed way behind the time
I'd gladly over pay her
after all what did I care
the exchange rate was incredible
during the time I spent down there

As I walked back to my small home
up the hill just outside of town
the morning birds singing songs
was the only sound
I'd hear until I got to
a small house along my way
they'd invite me in for fresh milk
they made me want me to stay

I'd spend some time there with them
drinking fresh milk from a cow
they'd give me morning cake
just being there thanked them somehow
after a little conversation
I'd say my goodbye to them all
grab my fruit and head up the hill
to my home standing proud and tall

Once back inside my bamboo hut
I'd put all my things away
eat some fruit and do some toot
then I'd be on my way
to spend a day full of adventure
walking to some place new
I'd climb a new mountain every day
just because I wanted to

Sitting on a mountain top
higher than a kite
time would slip by just sitting there
before too long it would be night
I'd make my way back to my home
down the mountain carefully
another day passed me by
as if it were just for me...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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