Poetry by Jim Nasium

It'll Be Light Again Before Long

At night it was so quiet
not a sound in the air
every one would be asleep
but me, and they didn't care
if I had my candle burning
next to a needle and a spoon
spinning around in circles
howling at the moon

Around four in the morning
I'd just pop out of bed
that is if I slept at all
I hade pressure in my head
caused from too much freedom
too much of every thing
some called me trouble
others called me king

I'd find my way to the well
in the court yard near the gate
splash some water on my face
karma ruled my fate
wet my hair and grab some fruit
do a few lines and be on my way
out to the open fields nearby
to pick mushrooms and play

Dawn would light the Eastern sky
as I pick mushrooms galore
then sat down near the river side
do some lines, and then some more
washing off the mushrooms I picked
eating twenty of them whole
the sun was up by this time
I could feel it in my soul

Climbing up a mountain side
a different one ever day
the few people who saw me
thought I was crazy and they'd say
what'a ya doing gringo
way out here in no where
I told them trying to find myself
but they didn't seem to care

Dusk settled over the mountain
as I made my way back to town
most of the people are home in bed
I'm the only one around
alone in my bamboo hut
lost in a candle light snow storm
I know I am still human
but I've taken on a whole new form

The mushrooms melt in my body
the cocaine's like fire in my soul
the ganja seems to relax me
and keeps the body whole
before I get done writing in my journal
morning birds start to sing their song
another night has passed by
it'll be light again before long...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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