Poetry by Jim Nasium

Colombia: A Magical Place

Mountains, rivers and valley
rain forrests and jungles too
two coasts with white beaches
there's always something new to do ruins, parks, and burial grounds
museums, red light districts new
a magical place to say the least
time has no importance to you

Small towns in the middle of no where
dairy farms and the maket place
the poor people who live there
the smile on the childrens face
dirt roads paved with pot holes
over grown narrow foot trails
a magial place to say the least
each attempt to return there fails

Reliving each hour in day dreams
nightmares because there's no return
always on guard with clean karma
there's always something new to learn
a place that time has forgotten
special to me now as well as then
a magical place to say the least
I'll never get back to again...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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