The Waiting Room
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Warning: Some Adult Content

I only went there because I had to
it's not my favorite place
there were many other people there
each with a sad look on their face
some of them were coughing
then there were the ones that sneezed
the place was a breeding ground for germs
some one get me out of here please

The doctor was twenty minutes late again
but I didn't say a word
I asked him if he heard the latest
he smiled and said "yes Jim I heard"
then he said "I'm really sorry
what can I do for you today"
he wrote up a few prescriptions for me
then I was on my way

Limping back to the waiting room
leaning hard on my cane
I felt like an old man
not being able to walk right is insane
I bumped into a friend of mine
hadn't seen her in a awhile
we stopped to say hello and talk
she has such a beautiful smile

She asked me "what happened"
said "you're not the same man I knew"
I told her about my ordeal
what I've been going through
she asked me to go to lunch with her
I said "sure, why not... OK"
then she said "fuck the doctor"
I'll get my scripts another day

The cafe wasn't too crowded
we sat way in the back
we each had a glass of wine
and a real nice meal in fact
she said she wants to "see me again"
I told her "some time soon"
she got up and sat next to me
I got nervous and dropped my spoon

"Oh please let me get that" she said
and got down on her knees on the floor
she pulled the table clothe over to cover her
and stated sucking me off like a whore
she gagged and swallowed everything
wiped her mouth and sat back down
the word about what I got
still seems to get around

I smiled at her and said "thank you
I really needed that"
she invited me back to her place
told me she "put on a little fat"
but never the less she was willing
begged me to say yes, and not no
I told her maybe some other time
but right now I had to go...

She gave me her phone number
I handed her my card
she reminded me of the patio I built
out back'a her house in her yard
I told I'll always remember
the day I fucked her by her big tree
she said she really enjoyed that
and that she really needs me

Now I'm not silly or stupid
so I said "ok let go back to your place"
she was really very happy
you should'a see the look on her face
she bent over to kiss me
then she got quiet as a mouse
when I told her "please don't do that
you ain't kissing me with that mouth"

The afternoon went by quickly
we did everything we could do
we took a nice shower together
then did a little swimming too
I know she's sore but happy
she got fucked rather well
and me I had a great day
sometimes things really go swell...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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