Sunday: Thinking Of You
A Poem by Jim Nasium

So here it is Sunday
another day in my life
time goes by slowly
and cuts like a knife

you said ya liked Sundays
and this time of year
right now I miss you
and wish you were here

I remember that Sunday
the day we first met
you stood there and smiled
how could I forget

your long curly red hair
those green bed room eyes
them long shapely legs
all the way to your thighs

so here it is Sunday
another day all alone
not much to do and
all my wild seed are sown

I sit and draw pictures
I write silly poems too
it's really sad to admit but
I can't stop thinking of you

and here it is Sunday
another day of my life
what was I thinking
I should have made you my wife

we could have lived together
raised a large family
but all that was yesterday
and now it's late for me

so here's to all Sunday's
I've habits to kick
but I'm going to bed
I feel pretty sick

just thinking about you
is more than I can take
but one thing I will say
we we're not a mistake

we two were special
and so is our son
he's bigger than we are
and man can he run

all this thinking about you
is driving me nuts
I think it's the meds
but I feel like a putz

so here's to all Sundays
a day that we shared
we went to church and
ate with people who cared

they were there when we needed
they heled us get through
we did so much changing
we were both brand new

I miss you on Sundays
and I miss our son
being this far apart
is not too much fun

so call me and tell me
you miss Sunday's too
I'm sorry I miss you
there's nothing I can do

weak and so helpless
when it comes to my heart
just writng this poem
is tearing me apart

but I know it is Sunday
another day in my life
time goes by slowly
it cuts like a knife...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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