The Under The Bed Monster
A Short Story by Jim Nasium

For some reason sleeping with a light on in my room at night, even as a boy never appealed to me. Some of my childhood friends told me that they leave a light on at night in their room to keep the Under the Bed Monsters away. Some of them said that they use a tiny light that plugs into an electrical wall receptacle. This one tiny light gives off enough light to allow them to feel comfortable enough to sleep safely every night, by keeping all of the Under the Bed Monsters away.

My best friend, a girl, told me that her parents leave the hall light on for her every night, so that there's just enough light shinning in her room to keep the Under the Bed Monsters away. I'd expect to hear something like that from a girl, but not from my male buddies. All my male pals claim they have to have a light on at night so they can sleep and not have to worry about the Under the Bed Monsters too.

I never understood what any of my friends were talking about when they told me about some of all the encounters they've had with Under the Bed Monsters. I have never seen an Under the Bed Monster and never had an encounter with one'a of them. I've never experienced the thrill of having the crap scared out'a you as a helpless feeling over powers your whole body, like my friends say they have experience caused by these Under the Bed Monsters that they said they saw.

One rainy day when I was about twelve years old sitting alone in my room I kind'a felt left out of all the excitement over Under the Bed Monsters. I wanted to experience the thrill myself so I decided that day that I would run a series of experiments that very night. I was going to find out, once and for all if there really were any Under the Bed Monsters and I planned to finally get to see what one of them looked like...

After dinner that night the rain finally let up and I could go outside to play again. Thoughts of how I'd get to see, and maybe even trap an Under the Bed Monster that night were soon replaced with thoughts of the playground, and the tree fort my friends and I built nearby. Later that night while sitting around talking to my buddies in the tree house I told tem all about what I had planned to do that night, and I asked them all to give me some idea of just how big an Under the Bed Monster is. I wanted to know what the best time to see an Under the Bed Monster was, and figured I could formulate a better plan once I had all the information I could get on Under the Bed Monsters.

After saying our good byes and good nights my buddies and I all split up and headed home. On the way home I spent most'a the time giving some serious thought to this Under the Bed Monsters thing and slowly started piecing my plan of attack together. I figured I'd pit my sisters over sized stuff bear in my bed, and cover it up to make it look like I was sleeping in the bed while I was in fact hiding in my closet. Not one of my friends said that the Under the Bed Monsters ever came from a closet so I figured I would be safe in there, and with no lights on and a dish of cookies, and a glass of milk placed on the table near my bed, I was sure to see an Under the Bed Monster tonight.

I sat silently on my toy box holding a spotlight in one hand, and a stick in the other waiting for any Under the Bed Monster to show up. The angle I had placed my self at afforded me the perfect view to right under my bed. I felt save, and for some reason was wide awake, ready and willing to see my first Under the Bed Monsters. I waited for what seemed like hours for a sign of the Under the Bed Monster but there was not one sign. There weren't even any strange noises at all, at fist.I figured my buddies and best friend were all wacky, or that they were all working together [as a team] to pull my leg. It seems that they got me good to cause I had sat there for hours in vain...

Shortly after I reached the point of giving up on ever seeing a Under the Bed Monster the second time, I heard some rather strange noise coming from behind my toy box. With out any warning, moments later a large dark shadow like creature sprung up from behind my toy boy, and reached out with giant arms that had large hands with claws on the finger tips and screamed "I'm the closet monster, and you're mine now"

I leaped up off'a my toy box and dropped the spot light and the stick, with out a thought, and darted out'a my closet towards the hall way faster than any boy ever moved in the recorded history of boys moving fast and with out even stopping or slowing down to actually see where I was going, I started going down the steps, and tripped. After tumbling a few times and rolling down the four-teen steps from the second floor of our home to the center of the living room while screaming out "no, don't get me, leave me alone No No Help" I woke my parents up.

In no time at all seemed to have turned on every light in the place, and needless to say they were not happy about what I had done at 3 AM. Even after I told the whole story about the Under the Bed Monsters and my plan to see one they were still not amused. My father said "I'll deal with you in the morning" and started back up stairs. My mother walked me back up the steps and tucked me into bed, kissed me on the forehead and said "I'm sorry I never told you about the Closet Monster"? and started telling me her story about her first encounter with The Closet Monster and what she did to get rid of it.

The next morning right after breakfast I ran all the way to the tree house to meet my friends and tell them all about what happened in my bed room late last night... After telling my buddies and my best friend what had happened, and all about the closet monster not one of them believed me. They all thought I was just making it up because I never did get to see a Under the Bed Monster. I warned them....

©2003 Jim Nasium

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