A Rainbow Sky
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I walked and walked for country miles
knowing that it would rain soon
searching out shelter from the storm
some place safe, some place warm

All at once to my surprise
right there in front of my eyes
was a place I will never forget
a place to stay warm, and not get wet

I went slowly into this cave I found
and carefully started looking all around
to find myself some fire wood
started a fire, like a good camper should

the sky broke open and it started to pour
I sat by the fire doing more and more
of the stuff I was down there for
this land of plenty, this land of the poor

I sat there by the fire a day and a night
I felt real fine, everything was all right
and by the light, of the camp fire
I made finger puppets on the walls

my nose got sore and I felt weak
I thought that I would take a peek
at what was going on outside
so I took a break from the snow ride

It rained and rained and the sky got dark
off in the distance I could hear a dog bark
then all at once the cloud darkness over head
was parted by the Andean Sun

The sky was lit with colors bright
it was day again no longer night
and even though it was raining I thought I might
try to touch the sky, now one big rainbow

I had been here for a few years
saw many a storm, shed many a tears
caused by the wind and pouring rain
in The Andes, playing the farmer's game

But that day when the rain was done
and the dark sky was parted by the sun
I will never forget the rainbow I saw before me
that magical day back in 1973

The whole freaking sky was one big rainbow
I saw it, it's true, ya got'a know
I never ever saw anything before like this before
and to this day still never have again

This poem is about one big rainbow
that I saw once when I used to go
to the land that's still the same
as it was since the beginning of time

A land that's not too far away
a place I might return someday
but will it be the same to me
there's only one way for me to know...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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