A Man And His Ferris Wheel
A Poem by Jim Nasium

He lived down the street from a junk yard
would work down there now and then
one day it finally dawned on him
so he took some rods and started to bend
when he had a bunch of rods bent just right
he started welding them together
and every day he worked on the thing
it started to look better and better

He fashioned many little seats
made of rod and wire mesh mat
he welded them all together
not wearing a welders hat
and slowly one day at a time
his idea finally came to life
no one understood his goal at all
not even his loving wife

Finally about a month later
I saw him with pink paint gallon cans
I asked him what he was doing
he asked me to lend him a hand
so we painted his Ferris wheel
man powered and very crude
I told him it was beautiful
I didn't want to be rude

We spread the word around the bush
come get a ride for a dime
and he would be ready any day
he wasn't concerned with the time
it took two men to pump the thing
to make it go around and round
and the same men had to jump and hold on
when they wanted the thing to slow down

The children all seemed to love it
he was making a few dollars each day
how the thing managed to stay together
is something that no one could say
but I was happy for him
he was able to make a dream come true
and if you look at the picture
you can see what I'm trying to explain to you...

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This is the Ferris Wheel a friend built from junk and painted pink once upon a time in Jamaica many years ago...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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