Fate Keeps Us Apart
A Poem by Jim Nasium

We talked on the phone for hours
there's so much we want to say
we talked of what ifs and maybes
and of course our yesterday
we agreed there was only one thing
left for us to do
so I asked if you'd come visit
you said that you wanted to

We wrote ten thousand e mails
went to my private chat room
it seemed to me anyhow
a romance was in bloom
I told you all about me
the things I'm going through
you told me not to worry
I could always turn to you

Then you told me about your stables
that farm with all the land
the one special white Arabian you have
that is so "extra special grand"
admitting to riding bare back
you told me you love to ride hard
and that you're very sexual
but your broken heart is scared

Your white horse sounds so beautiful
I wish I could have seen
a horse as rare as you described
so trim, so fit and lean
a horse that can see in the dark
with his red riding blanket on
if he were mine I would ride him
at sunset and every morning at dawn

You car problems are a stinking shame
but what'a ya going to do
besides we weren't even sure
if you'd stay where I wanted you to
we may have meant to make it happen
but fate had another plan
please believe me when I say
I really do understand

My birthday is sometime in August
maybe you can come then and for goodness sake
please surprise with a wonderful gift
like jumping naked out of my birthday cake
we'll roll around in the icing
do what ever comes naturally
to tell you the truth sweet heart
I can wait till you come see me

I may be sick and half the man
that I once used to be
but one thing I am thankful for
"it" still works for more than just to pee
I'm so rammy and frustrated
I want to get back to work
when you come to see me
you'll leave her with a smirk!

I want you more than I need you
I need you more than I want
this is not just another line
or another playboy stunt
you are so special too me
coming from the land of my heart
the only thing I don't understand
why is fate keeping us apart...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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