La Galeria de GymArt
PoeticGymArt by Jim Nasium

This Is Some of My Newer Work
This work was done 10/02/99
Very late, when I should have been sleeping...

Sitting up late at night
Sitting up late at night
I haven't much to do
so I draw about a place
that I have been forced into

A Place I have Been Forced Into

Night fell and I was afraid to
do what I knew I had to do
take the first step into the unknown
alone now, forever with out you

A Place I Have Been To

For hours I just sit here
I really don't understand
what I see when I look out my window
wish I had one'a them in my hand

I look out my window

Things are always changing
that's just how it goes for me
no one will know at all
If I'd jump into the sea

I look out my window

1999 Jim Nasium

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