Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Treasure I Found
A short story poem in two parts...

The Treasure I Found: Part One

the time to leave had come to soon
I just had to get away
I wanted to go some where new
where I'd be free to play
I decided to rent a small yacht
hire a whore to go with me
for a few weeks alone sailing
somewhere way out to sea

on the open sea for a few days
eating nothing but bread, fish and cheese
drinking anything we could find in the bar
doing what ever the fuck we pleased
just me and the lady I hired
to service and to be with me
she was here to keep order on the boat
she was very pleasant to see

she kept my desire burning
we were naked all day long
at night she'd get dressed just right
and sing her siren song
I wanted her more than I needed her
but that's what she was there for
I never had this much fun in my life
and I doubt that I will any more

our days would go by slowly
there wasn't very much to do
we'd eat, drink, sleep and fuck
on the open sea under skies of blue
she'd reach in the bag and roll one up
I'd write poetry and draw away the day
the only time I was worried at all
was when some flotsam passed our way

we saw wood floating on the ocean
it looked like it was from a ship
that could have been torn by a coral reef
sunk, and made to flip
releasing all it had on board
including what we thought was a chest
that looked like nothing else floating
it stood out from all of the rest

we thought it was a cargo chest
so I fished it out of the sea
and what I found inside of it
is still so amazing to me
the chest that floated on the water
was loaded with dope and cash
she left go of the wheel to dance around
I was afraid that we might crash

I turned the sails and told her to get the wheel
headed away with the treasure we just found
she spun the wheel hard and looked at me
neither one'a of us could make a sound
there had to be a million dollars
keys of coke and keys of smack
a couple'a of pounds of primo sticky bud
and a great big rock of crack

there was fine wine and bottled water
two guns, ammo and some beers
the fact that there was even paraphernalia
brought both of us to tears
rich enough now that we could be famous
or be outlaws in any town
offering our product for lower prices
having the best stuff around

the wind kicked up and filled the sails
we decided to head for home
we'd been out to sea for a long time now
and we were tired of being alone
we made the mistake of celebrating
we got drunk and high as could be
days later I asked who was watching the wheel
she said she thought it was me

we were lost in the Atlantic Ocean
the ship had been swept off our course
we were all blown out and hung over
so tired and very horse
no idea which way to go
there was nothing left to do
but go down below and break open
another key of that stuff from Peru

another day and night went by
till finally we thought of the sun
so we headed west towards home
that's when the fun begun
a storm kicked up the sun went down
the stars were no where to be found
the wind was blowing harder now
it made a terrible sound

the boat was tossed from side to side
we all blown out'a our mind
fucked up from the stuff in the treasure chest
that we were lucky enough to find
nothing to do but hold on tight
drop to our knees and pray
that the storm didn't take us under
or blow us off course even farther away

all night we tossed from side to side
the boat rocked up and down
and every time the wind would blow
the mast sounded like it would fall down
the dawn came not soon enough for me
the seas started to settle down
when we went on deck to look around
the chest was no where to be found

she asked me to tell her what did
with the chest we found the other day
I told her not to worry at all
because I had put all the money away
she smiled and said I Love You
I said I love you too
lets get our selves back to land
I want to spend my whole life with you

we lost the treasure chest we found
but we found love in our heart
and from that moment on we knew
we'd never want to be apart
we got a lot of money now
everything else in the chest is gone
we found a treasure that's real
a love that's very strong...

for days we drifted endlessly
following the sun in the sky
then once we saw a large island
we knew we weren't going to die
we docked the boat and got a car
to take us to the best hotel
we very happy to be safe on land
and out of that ocean hell

The Treasure I Found: Part Two

Two days have past since we landed here
all we've done so far is sleep
we are both so happy and lucky
when we talk about it we start to weep
never thought we'd find a treasure
get all blown out and hopelessly lost
but it was worth the money we have with us now
even at twice the cost

we ordered some food from room service
asked them just where we where
told them what happened to us
even though most of it was still a blur
asked for the tailor to come to the room
and the best dress maker in town
we were ready to make a new life for ourselves
maybe even settle down

I asked for a car and a driver
told him I wanted a tour
and I needed a personal body guard
just in case I wanted to be sure
the food arrived we sat and ate
our first cooked meal in days
talked about how lucky we were
to live though that self induced haze

new clothes we brought to the room for us
we bought the ones that we liked
I ordered some fresh champagne
and two little motor bikes
I asked them to be kept for me
to use when I got back from the tour
I wanted to get to know the place
before I went out to score

The ride in the car was wonderful
we drove all around the town
found out we were in Jamaica
one's the friendliest islands around
the car was an old Mercedes
the year 1999
but kicking back in a limo down here
is so very fine

I saw a little piece of land
it had a house and a small hotel
I knew that I could enjoy the place
and live there very well
we went back to town right away
bought the house, the car and food
hired a bunch of locals
asked them to never be rude

I called some friend in the USA
told them about what I had
and when they heard me talking
all of them were glad
the didn't know what happened to me
then I told them I was in love
that while I was high and lost at sea
I was given an angle from above

so here I sit in my little house
not to far from the beach
I got my boat tied up to the dock
every thing I need is in reach
life here is like paradise
there beauty every where
I got more money than I'll ever need
and I'm very willing to share

time went by we were married
I gave her a boy child
started drinking heavily
got a little wild
did a deal with some Rasta's
to make me set for life
after all I was thinking about
my child and my wife

the deal of course turned sour
we had to leave the island right away
we gathered up all the money we could
left everything behind to lay
in waiting for the day that we
could return to this island estate
we didn't know where we were going
but the hour was getting late

the hotel is still there today
and so is the little house
it's ran by the family who took care of us
his brother and his spouse
the place is making money
I get some of in the mail
it's nice to keep around
in case I need some bail

time passes by so quickly
that all seems like yesterday
but now our son is all grown up
and he has moved away
we sit on the front porch at night
in our wooden rocking chairs
thinking about all we've done
we both got way more than our shares

we're still together after all this time
and one day we want to go back
to the island that we called our home
and as a matter of fact
there's never been a better place
to live a natural life
than the island called Jamaica
with my son, and my wife...

©2001 Jim Nasium

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