Poetry by Jim Nasium

They say one picture is worth 1000 words, I think that's the main reason I like to show some of my art with a poem I wrote
I hope you enjoy this new poem I call

The Men Who Clear The Jungle

It took me some time to get this far
could only go a short distance each day
crossed rivers mountains and valleys
now that I'm here I think I'll stay
deep in the jungle living a natural life
that's honest and care free
learning the secrets of the old ones
that the brujos teach to me

Sitting round fires late at night
drinking fresh warm chi chi beer
telling stories of the way it was
there's nothing down here to fear
you become so tuned in to nature
feel a power that's all around
you're not distracted by man made things
that you could find in any small town

Climbing branches in the canapé
you can see for one thousand mile
the peace you feel in the air
can make the saddest man smile
this rain forest called The Amazon
is a far away magical place
every thing down here was ok until
the men who clear the jungle showed their face

Standing near the river in a fog
out in the damp Amazon rain
the yahe' that I did last night
is still floating around in my brain
the locals are so excited this morn
they said we need to get away
the men who clear the jungle
will soon be on their way

Packing up boxes of food and clothes
tearing apart the huts for the wood
everyone of them worked together
after all they knew they could
take almost every thing they'd need
to start a new village some where
the fires were getting closer
but none of them seemed to care

Pushing up river fast as we could
the fire and smoke not far behind
we search for a new place to make camp
but a nice place is hard to find
there's no place safe down here any more
the land clearers are here to stay
they clear about 300 hectors of land
in the Amazon jungle every day

Indians worked hard to make villages
cleared land to plant their food
they've been forced out of their homes
by land clearers who act so rude
and destroy everything in their sight
tear down and burn the jungle away
things will never be the same down here
as they once were just yesterday

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©2001 Jim Nasium

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