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I hope you enjoy this new poem I call

The Bus Stop

the road we were on was dusty
it hadn't rained here for days
I was tired and totally confused
lost in a self educed haze
the bus I was on slowed down
as we went around a bend
the driver announced we were stopping
I screamed out no, not again

the bus pulled off on the side of the road
parked right next to some cargo truck
I saw right way this was a nice place
so I decided to push my luck
I went in the back of the small cafe
that was in this little road side rest
I saw they had a few cabins there
that were rented out to guest

I noticed there were young ladies
they were obviously all a whore
I noticed there was a tavern
suddenly felt the need to score
I went inside to get a drink
a lady came up to me
she said for 20 pesos
she'd make me very happy

a big man at the end of the bar
slowly walked right up to me
he said this is no place
for a young American to be
I told him I can go anywhere
and do most any thing
that the blood that flows inside my veins
is the blood of kings

he asked me what I wanted
I told him a big bag of snow
he said he had some back at his house
I asked him when we could go
he told me to wait right here for him
so I went back out to the bus
I gathered up my belongings
in case there was a fuss

the man came back and handed me
a great big plastic bag
that was all wrapped up in
some dirty stinking rag
he suggested I rent a cabin
get a nice young lady
stay a few days and relax
it would be safe for me

the bus left in a few hours
I didn't want to go
this place was so very beautiful
and I got a picture I want to show
you got to see this bus stop
I stayed in one night for a week
every time I think of that place
my knees still get weak

this place is way out in no where
very high in the Andes
deep in the heart of Colombia
a place no American should be
many years ago when I was young
some how I ended up there
stayed for a week and had a great time
once I got over the fear...

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©2001 Jim Nasium

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