Poetry by Jim Nasium

They say one picture is worth 1000 words, I think that's the main reason I like to show some of my art with a poem I wrote
I hope you enjoy this new poem I call

That Night In The Andes

Rich silent fields surround me
endless mountains, some snow capped
warn Andean sun setting in the west
our course has been carefully mapped
the rivers calls to us singing a song
stay here and spend the night
even though we knew it was dangerous
somehow we thought we'd be alright

a condor circled above us
as if to make it clear
that we would be perfectly safe
no one else was near
we watched the sun set slowly
then as it said it's final goodbye
we built ourselves a little fire
decided it was time to get high

I fired up a big fat bone
while the Indian guide I hired
sat there with a smile on her face
then threw more wood on the fire
she handed me a gourd of che che
so I took a great big hit
she walked over to the river
to wash mushrooms covered with cow shit

the fire grew with the passing of time
we sat there quietly and ate
I didn't know what time it was
but I knew it was getting late
I'm sure I was sitting on the ground
she was next to me getting higher
but I was looking down at the both of us
sitting there around the fire

I caught a wind and flew away
circled with the condor
I saw that she was very close to me
she just kept eating more and more
I decided to fly back to my body
and spend the night with her
but to tell you the truth in the morning
most of what happened was a blur

I'll never forget that night in the Andes
when I saw my self below
my mind left my body
but it had no place to go
the lady I hired to be my guide
smiled as she squatted to pee
she said that she caused everything
that had just happened to me

the sun came up behind us
the morning birds started to sing
I knew that I had seen myself
but other than that I can't remember a thing
we made our way through rich green fields
dawns light sparkled in mornings dew
you may not believe the story you just read
but I'm telling you it is true
©2001 Jim Nasium

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