Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Town At The End Of The Road

I pulled into town at the crack of dawn
been on the bus for a day and half
I sat with chickens, pigs and dogs
one lady had a new born calf
the bus was only half a bus
the rear end was a cargo truck
the man who owned it sold half the seats
one day when he was down on his luck

I got my bag from the back of the bus
made my way to the center of town
it was very early in the morning
but there were many people around
some of them were setting up tables
in the market down the street
some thing told me my time in this town
was going to be a special treat

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A man walked out of a bakery shop
he carried a great big tray
of fresh baked bread that he planned
to sell in the market today
I asked him if I could buy some
of his freshly baked bread
he said something to me in Spanish
I couldn't understand a word he said

I asked him "to speak more slowly"
told him "Spanish was still new to me"
then he told me very slowly
he had a room he wanted me to see
I followed him to the market
bought some fruit while I was there
he took his time selling the bread
I was having fun so I didn't care

I could understand some of the people
when they talked in Spanish to me
the secret to me understanding them
was they had to talk slowly
the more I talked the more I learned
I got a little more fluent each day
I really liked this little town
thought maybe I would stay

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I followed him home to his bakery
we walked through the kitchen in the back
the room he showed me was perfect
there was only one thing it lacked
I asked him "where could I get a bed"
he said "at the hard ware store
the one I had was sold because
no one lived in the room anymore"

We sat down at the rooms table
he offered me a nice cold drink
he asked me if I wanted the room
I replied "what do you think
it all depends on the money
so what'a ya gonna charge me"
he told me "if you teach me English"
that he'd "give me the room for free"

Just then his young female helper
walked into my new room
she was so very beautiful
a flower still in bloom
she smiled when she saw me
said "I want English please"
the way she looked at me
made me weak in the knees

Her hair was long and real dark brown
her eyes as black as coal
she seemed to me to be full grown
with a very pleasant soul
I could tell she was a native
most likely from Indian blood
I sat there speechless looking at her
felt stupid as a cow chewing cud

I decided that I would stay there
then went to the hardware store
bought a bed, some sheets and stuff
ask to have it delivered to my door
I bought some wood and built some shelf's
found a rug I put on the floor
laid my things out then took a bath
I liked my room in the back of the store

Every one in the place was busy
they were baking and cleaning the place
I couldn't take my eyes off her
she had such a beautiful face
I thought it best to take a walk
maybe explore this little town
I didn't really get to far away
a bar was the first place I found

The hours passed by quickly
in the local bar slash cafe
I spent a great deal of money
treating all the ladies that day
I guess I was a little too drunk
to recall where the bakery shop was
maybe it was because I'm still new in town
or maybe it was cause I had a buzz

A police man who was walking the street
with a machine gun doing his nightly round
asked me what I wanted here
in this, his quiet little town
he wanted to know where I lived
I told him "the bakery shop
I rent a room in the back
when would the questions ever stop"

He wanted to see my passport
I told him "it was back in my room"
he asked me to "empty my pockets"
I had some coke and a silver spoon
he saw the big knot of money I had
said "if you give me your cash I'll let you go"
I said "as long as I can have the coke"
and handed over all my dough

He gave me directions to the bakery
it wasn't that far away
I was only a few blocks off course
what'a ya want this was my first day
in the town at the end of the road
I had no idea where I was
it was late and dark and after all
I had caught a pretty good buzz

I knocked and knocked on the bakery door
but no one would let me in
I had no idea coming home this late
was consider around here as a sin
I sat there in front of the bakery
till dawn when they opened the shop
I told them what happened last night
he told me to "stay away from that cop"

The bakers young female helper
walked up to me and in Spanish said
" I want to spend some time with you
but first you need to be fed"
she took me back in the kitchen
cooked me up some rice and eggs
I couldn't keep my eyes off her
she had such lovely legs

She sat at the table with me
just watched me as I ate
excused herself, said she had to go
she had to start working at eight
I invited her to dinner that night
she said ok it's a plan
the lady made me happy
made me feel like a lucky man

Most of the day was spent alone
lost in a snow storm in my room
I was to young to understand then
that what I was doing would be my doom
the hours passed it was getting dark
then I heard a knock at my door
it was the bakers young helper
she didn't want to eat dinner any more

She came into my little room
said "I want know English"
looked at the stuff on my table
saw what I had on the dish
she helped her self to a couple'a lines
then the next thing that I knew
she was taking off all her clothes
I knew what she wanted to do

We didn't get to talk too much
but we made love all that night
she was still new at love making
so I showed her how to do it right
dawn's sun turned the dark sky red
then she said she had to go
asked me not to say a word
the baker could never know

That afternoon when we got together
the baker, his wife and the helper
I tried to pay attention to what we were doing
but couldn't keep my eyes off of her
teaching English was easy for me
it taught me Spanish too
we sat around teaching each other
from noon till half past two

The days and nights I stayed there
were always full of fun
and from what I heard after I left
the bakers helper had a son
they say her boy looks like me
but I guess I'll never know
back to the town at the end of the road
is one place I can never go

When I refused to pay the policeman
more money for the fourth time
he told me what I was doing in my room
and to the helper at night was a crime
he said that "I was under arrest"
took all my cash that he could find
I told him I would gladly leave
this town and the helper behind

The cop took me to the bus station
waited till I got on a bus
we did this all very peacefully
there was no need to make a fuss
I guess I could have stayed there
if I paid him more and more cash
the baker warned me about the cop
said he was "dishonest, and pure trash"

I took the bus to some where
I couldn't wait to get away
as I sit and type this out
the memory is still fresh today
I'll never forget the small town
that I found at the end of the road
I've no reason to go back there now
all my wild seeds have been sowed
©2002 Jim Nasium

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Photo Credit Jim Nasium 1973

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