Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Cook Out

I went to a friends cook out today
hungry and wanting something to drink
I thought I'd go eat then leave
but things didn't go as you'd think
I was taken by surprise and fell
led astray in a strange love affair
even after I got caught with her
her husband didn't care

Big burgers cooking on the grill
hot dogs and corn of the cob
I ate so much I almost got sick
was messy and looked like a slob
as I sat and finished off my drink
she smiled from across the room
I took a good look at her bed room eyes
I felt drawn knowing she'd be my doom

She signaled to me to meet her
by the pool in a dressing room
I knew by the hand gestures she made
she wanted me to go there soon
I went a bit reluctantly
after all I looked a mess
she's younger than me and very pretty
looked great in her summer dress

She was the wife of the host
we all knew she liked to mess around
and it's funny how she could speak volumes to me
with out even making a sound
from the first moment that she smiled at me
I could feel my blood start to boil
she knew I do her in a heart beat
I knew she wasn't loyal

We locked the door behind us
pulled the shades all the down
she dragged me over to the chair
kissed me hard then started feeling around
she felt that I really did want her
I knew she wanted me too
I told her that this may be common for her
but for me it was something new

I went to tell her how shy I am
and how long I have been alone
but she knew I was bullshitting
then started sucking my bone
we did the things that lovers do
when alone behind a lock door
the way the lady carried on in bed
you'd swear she was a whore

Our time passed by so quickly
before we knew it the day was gone
we'd been in the dressing room awhile
but we didn't realize how long
every one that was at the cook out
had already left to go home
it was just me and her and her husband
after all this was their home

"How'd you enjoy my wife" he said
as she went to his arms
he asked her if I was good to her
she said " he pleased her with his charm"
he asked me "not to tell anyone"
but I just had to tell all of you
what happened to me at the cook out
on Memorial Day in 02

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©2002 Jim Nasium

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