Poetry by Jim Nasium

I hope you enjoy this new poem I call

Just Another Day

The night was long and quiet
as I sat up awake
lost in an indoor snow storm
making another mistake
planning out the new day
soon it would be here
I needed to get some fresh air
that much was perfectly clear

Dawn was cold and damp
just like any other day
way up in The Andes
a place I used to play
I took a walk out in a field
to see what I could find
picked some fresh mushrooms
to open up my mind

Walked over to the river
washed the mushrooms off
took a big hit of my joint
the herb made me cough
I sat and ate my morning meal
of mushrooms, fruit and cheese
looking around at all I saw
I was very pleased

Climbed a mountain side for hours
then finally I reached the top
the mushrooms had kicked in
I didn't think they'd ever stop
I sat cross legged on the peak
looking down at the valley
then my spirit left my body
and I could see me

I was sitting below on the mountain top
yet flying high over head
my body didn't move at all
it was as if I were dead
my spirit flew away with ease
over the Andes central range
it felt like being a kid again
but it also felt very strange

I soared with a few condors
landed on a breadfruit tree
I took a look behind
and I could still see me
figured it was time that I
made my way back to my body
after all that's where I live
for now that's where I'm supposed to be

The day went by rather quickly
the sun was getting low
I had to start making my way back
but wasn't sure which way to go
then as if by magic
a light flickered near by
it seemed to be the right direction
so I thought I'd give it a try

I made my way in the dark
down the mountain side
I took my time to be careful
trying hard to keep my pride
afraid that I was hopelessly lost
yet sure this was the right way
I took it one step at a time
it was just another day

Another night all alone
just like any other day
I sat there looking at my journal
couldn't think of a thing to say
I knew no one would believe me
when I told that I had been
flying high out of my body
and planned to do it again

The year was 1974
the place a little town
a degree North of the equator
there wasn't much around
mountains, rivers and jungle
a few small dairy farms
the place is special to me
it won me over with it's charms

©2001 Jim Nasium

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