Poetry by Jim Nasium

Another Day Trip To The City

the last time I went to the city
I decided to drive my own car
I got jammed up in traffic
I didn't get very far
there was an accident on the turnpike
that forced me to use the expressway
some tanker over turned there
I got stuck in traffic anyway

this time when I wanted to go
down town to spend a day
I thought I would try the train
after all I've heard many people say
the express train is fast and quiet
it's the only place to be
when ya have to get into the city
but they all lied to me

I boarded the train at the station
handed the man with the cap my ticket
he told me there was no smoking allowed
and asked me not to forget
drinking beer or doing drugs
on the train is illegal too
he seemed to have a lot of rules
so many things I couldn't do

I climbed the three steep metal steps
turned the corner to look for a seat
and what I saw in front of me
in a way was kind'a neat
despite what the man who took tickets
told us that we couldn't do on the train
no one here seemed to care at all
the whole train was going insane

two young men were smoking crack
back in one dark corner
some junkie nodding deep in his seat
looked like he may be a goner
some girls who turned the back of a seat around
so they could sit and chit chat
were drinking beer after beer
I wonder where they could get beer at

a hooker in the small seat
that was way down at the end
was giving head to a stranger
looks like she's on call again
the guys that are smoking reefer
in the other corner near the door
keep telling her they got work for her
they all want to use that whore

an old man with a paper bag
tucked tightly between his knees
was half asleep and quiet
expect when he'd cough or sneeze
some woman who was nursing
a baby sucking at her tit
slapping her other kid with her free hand
screaming that she was tired of his shit

some guys that looked like bikers
were with a friend who had been shot
one'a them carried a big black bag
I wonder what it is they got
some guys that were wanna be rappers
we trying their best to sing
along with the music from the radio
my freaking ears started to ring

a couple of men who were lovers
were doing the strangest things
I never saw anything like that before
and I don't want to see it again
I looked around for a free seat
but the only seat I could find
was next to a man who had a dog
it was plain to see he was blind

I sat thinking to myself
what a mistake I had just made
I looked back out'a the window
I saw my parked car slowly fade
I wished that I was deaf for awhile
cause the rap music echoed in the train
I swear to god next time I'll walk
taking the train to the city is insane
©2001 Jim Nasium

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