Poetry by Jim Nasium

A Day Trip Into The City

it was way too nice to stay inside today
so I planned a whole day down town
a lot of new galleries have opened
I thought I'd take a look around
I wanted to drive my own car
wanted to get there right away
I made an appointment to see my friend Vito
since I was going down that way

I took the main road out of town
and got on the turnpike nearby
I wanted to get there as fast as I could
on the turn pike my car can fly
I got my ticket from the booth
hit the gas pedal and took off
I lit a sweet cigarette up
right away it made me cough

I was flying down the left lane
doing one hundred twenty-six
frank Zappa was playing in the background
I was up to my old tricks
some lady pulled up next to me
dress in a state police suit
waved and took off faster than me
she didn't seem to give a hoot

I got up around the bend in the road
there was a road block and a line
it was worst than any bottle neck I've seen
it was a fucked up traffic bind
a car had hit the guard rail
and flipped over in the middle lane
the traffic was jammed for miles
the trip suddenly became insane

because of the accident on the turnpike
I got off and went on to the expressway
I had things to take care of in the city
and wanted to get there right away
I wanted to check out new galleries
new places for me to show my work
but when I got stuck in the traffic again
I felt like a freaking jerk

the man next to me kept blowing his horn
at every one and no one at all
the lady in front of me decided to stop
she couldn't handle none at all
of what was going on all around us
it was very busy on the road today
next time I want to go to the city
I'll take the train, but anyway

I was stuck there in a line of traffic
there were hundreds of cars all around
it looked like I could be there for hours
so I forgot all about going down town
I got out of my car and stood up on the rail
that was on the left side of the highway
I wanted to see what was going on
nothing was going right so far today

I saw that a tank truck flipped over
there was now some kind of goo
spilling out all over the highway
that no one wanted to get too close to
a tow truck that had been called in
slid on the goo released by the truck
then slammed right into a police car
that exploded when it got struck

the action news team helicopter
that was flying pretty low in the air
somehow got caught in high power lines
that I guess they didn't see there
the lines snapped and the power went out
on the whole South side'a town
I was standing next to my car amazed
confused and a little bit down

the chopper fell right on the tanker
there was fire every where
people were running and screaming
they all ran away from there
but I wanted to get to the gallery
and had to meet with my friend Vito
but instead I was stuck here in traffic
some times that's the way things go

the fire truck and ambulance driver
slowly made their way up the left side
so I pulled over right behind them
I figured it a safe place to hide
I made my way around the fire
but a cop flagged me down
I told him that I was in a hurry
I had to get down town

he saw the tattoo on my hand
looked at the car I was driving in
the way I was all decked out
it looked like I was in trouble again
when I stepped out of my town car
pin strip suit and black and white shoes
he took a real good look at me
said, go ahead you've paid your dues

I made my way to south Philly
went over to the parking lot
when the boy saw me coming
he cleared out my personal spot
I hailed a cab and took the ride
a few blocks down the street
to my favorite Italian corner cafe
I needed a little something to eat

I met up with my friend Vito
we sat together drank and ate
I told him what had happened
and why I was so freaking late
he smiled and sad shit happens
life's a big freaking chance
his girl friend started to giggle
put her hand right on my pants

he talked about some work he had
that he wanted me to do
he told me the name of some guy
that wanted to see my art work too
I took the money he gave with one hand
with the other I moved her hand off my balls
thanked him and then excused myself
told him I had a meeting at one'a the malls

I said I really had to go
cause I knew what she had in mind
she wanted Vito from the front
and me of course from behind
I wasn't into that kind'a thing
the long drive wore me down
all I had on my mind
was to get myself out'a of town

the trip to the city was eventful
no, I didn't get a show
it was late and I had to get home
there wasn't any time to go
to the new galleries I heard so much about
to offer them some'a my work
but I had a good day anyway
as I drove home I wore a big smirk

next time I go into the city
I think I'll take the train
driving on the highways around here
is nothing less than insane
the city is a wonderful place
to visit every once in a while
but I wouldn't want to live there
the cities not my style
©2001 Jim Nasium

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