Poetry by Jim Nasium

A Very Memorial Day

I woke from a rather long evening
something told me to stay in bed
I had a bit of a hang over
actually I felt half dead
I didn't want to go to any ones house
I wanted to stay in bed and lay still
sitting around listening to people I don't know talk
don't give me much of a thrill

The phone started ringing just as my alarm
decided to go off and then
I stubbed my toe when I got out of bed
it hurt and made me mad as a plucked hen
I answered the phone holding my foot
it was a her, that good friend of mine
she said she'd be round to pick me up
and asked me to be on time

I jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth
got dressed and put on a smile
I grabbed some money and a pick me up
stood out on the porch for awhile
her car came around the corner
stopped, then the door opened for me
I got in the back of her car with her
just as proud as I could be

When we got to her parents villa
it looked like everyone in town was there
I was dressed in a suit and tie
I even pulled back my hair
we were greeted by the valet
who gave me a ticket for the car
she took me by my hand and said
lets go get a drink at the bar

There were tables and chairs on the patio
that went completely around the pool
there were changing rooms on either side
but I don't swim in pools as a rule
the bar was over in the corner
at least it was out of the sun
just then I heard the dinner bell ring
I shook my head and said this should be fun

We all gathered at a long table
there were maids every where
they were all wearing tight little uniforms
that looked more like underwear
one of the waiters came up to my left
asked " what will it be lamb or veal
perhaps you'd care for some lobster
we've got alligator tail and it's real"

I ordered a couple'a lobsters
some white wine and wild rice
sharp cheese and a little veal
with some salad I thought would be nice
some young peas and baby carrots
asparagus with cream sauce
a loaf of fresh seeded Italian bread
he took my order like I was his boss

My date was busy talking
she was showing everyone her ring
she told them about the plans she had
to get married and everything
she went on to tell the whole table
about the things we did in bed
she said I am the man
who taught her to give head

We sat and talked and ate and drank
we all starting to get a nice buzz
to be honest I was drunk as a skunk
and I forgot where I was
I asked the lady sitting next to me
if she wanted to try her luck
invited her under the table
told her I wanted to fuck

She screamed and jumped up from her chair
knocked her plate down to the floor
I fell backwards off my chair
the whole table started to roar
every one there was laughing at me
I couldn't even be sure why
I was so freaking embarrassed
I thought I was going to die

Just then a dark cloud rolled in
the sky broke open with rain
everyone was running in circles
the whole affair had gone insane
I laid on the ground looking up
people were running trying to hide
as soon as some one stepped on me
I automatically regained my pride

I jumped up and tried to find my date
but every one was pushing me
no one knew where they were going
it was raining to hard to see
a few of the folks down on the end
of the crowd fell into the pool
pulling others in with them when they did
I thought it was all pretty cool

A great big bolt of lightening
hit the servants quarters nearby
instantly there were bright yellow red flames
shooting high up into the sky
some cars that were parked a little too close
exploded from the fire
it got so hot there in the rain
I actually started to perspire

A well to do woman had a heart attack
her older husband had some kind of stroke
now I know you think I'm pulling your leg
but I tell you this is no joke
the fire company arrived on the scene
the police and rescue squad too
I felt so very drunk and helpless
I just didn't know what to do

The police gathered up the people
took them all into the house
expect for the lady who fell in the pool
who lost her skirt and her blouse
the folks who got hurt were taken away
the lady with the heart attack died
when the man who had the stoke found out
he just broke down and cried

When the crowd thinned out I was able
to find my date who had been inside
she knew of a room in the basement
she thought it a safe place to hide
when she saw how very wet I was
she told me to come with her to a room
that had a hot tube and a nice little bar
it was all marble and as quiet as a tomb

We opened a bottle of champagne
took off our clothes and got in the tub
she said I looked a bit tired
then she gave me a nice back run
which of course got me excited
so we did there and then
when we were done the first time
she asked me to do her again

It was late when left the spa room
no one was there in the house
the barn was burnt down the affair a mess
the whole place was quiet as a mouse
she beeped her butler-driver
who brought the car around
we got in and left the place
neither one'a us make a sound

So now that the event is over
and I am safe here in my home
I thought I'd tell you about my day
while I sit here all alone
I'm waiting for her to come get me
she said she would fly me away
all I can say at this point
it's been a very Memorial Day

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©2002 Jim Nasium

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