Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Cello Player And The Dancer

Every night around ten thirty
there's a line of men down the street
they're waiting to get into the show
maybe get themselves something to eat
my friend and her friend work there
they do a special little act
this side of town is dangerous
but it's a lot of fun in fact

I walk them down the alley
we use the back door to the stage
the place is an after hours club
where naked women dance in a cage
but my friend and her lover
have a very classy act they do
they're not like any of the others
they actually want me to go with them too

The men who paid the admission fee
sit and wait with the lights down low
inside the back street play house
on the side of town not too many go
there's plenty of live entertainment
they also serve food and drink
the place hasn't been cleaned up in years
the smoke makes the place stink

She works very hard as a dancer
her lover plays the cello
you'll always see them together
no matter where they go
they live together in a big house
over on the other side of town
they claim that they love each other
but they still like me to hang around

I know that they both use me
to them I am just a toy
one of them said that she
wishes she was a boy
then they wouldn't need me
to do what they make me do
it's a very strange arrangement
that's all I can tell you

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She'll dance as long as her lover plays
a song she can dance to
men have paid to watch them both
and they got things they'd like to do
they all want either one of the ladies
that are entertaining them on stage
desires has turned the men into dogs
they should be locked up in the cage

She'll start dancing real slow with clothes on
then she'll speed up as her lover plays on
before you know it by the end of the song
she's dancing naked all her clothes are gone
she spins around in circles
her red hair fly's in the air
she bends over to show them what she got
and she doesn't seem to care

My job is to act as their Bouncer
I keep the men in back in their seat
to tell you the truth I'd do this for free
the both of them are so very sweet
there's a time and place for every thing
when they're here they're here to work
I stand back stage and watch them
watching grown men all act like a jerk

I'm the one who goes home with them
where they use me like I were a toy
I really don't mind it too much at all
after all they bring me joy
it's fun sometimes I must admit
to be the one they choose
to help them make it through the night
to cheer them up when the get the blues

She dances till the wee hours
then they pack the cello in it's case
we have a few drinks and shoot the shit
then we go back to their place
I've been asked not to tell you what goes on
but I bet you can already guess
I'm the happiest bouncer in town
and the sex is great I must confess

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©2002 Jim Nasium

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