Poetry by Jim Nasium

I hope you enjoy these two new poems I call

The All American Fourth of July Picnic

The All American Fourth of July Picnic:
Another Disaster

Plans had been made for weeks now
every one in the family would be there
they'd all bring a cover dish or two
cakes and pies for us to share
the band was booked the show was on
everything was now in place
she bought a new dress for the occasion
it was short tight and low trimmed with lace

Although I really wasn't into going
after all I had been to these affairs before
I remembered that she would be there
and I wanted to see her once more
I met her last year at the family picnic
she was a friend of a friend
the first time that I met her
I knew I had to see her again

The limo came round to pick me up
just about half past two
we stopped to pick up my cousin
like we had it all planned out to do
the car had a TV and wet bar
so my cousin and I had a drink
by the time I got the affair
it was hard for me to think

The car dropped me off in front of the house
that belonged to my uncle Joe
he's a pretty successful business man
his home is a nice place to go
he had flags all over near the sidewalk
there were flags hanging from the wall
he was dressed up in read white and blue
I couldn't believe what I saw

I staggered across the pool deck
over to a table that was loaded with food
I asked some one to give me a dish
I guess I got a little rude
my uncle was standing there cooking
some hot dogs, burgers and steaks
he gave me that look with out saying a word
I knew coming here was a mistake

She walked up right behind me
grabbed my ass and said "guess who"
she went on to tell me she had claimed
"a little table in the shade for two"
she invited me to sit with her
I said "that'd be just fine with me"
the way this woman looked that day
made my blood boil and it drove me crazy

We took our plates of food and some wine
back to the table that she claimed
and after just a little while
I knew she had no shame
she slipped her hand under the table
started playing with my cock
it wasn't too long after she started
that I got as hard as a rock

She asked me into the pool house
grabbed me by my arm
said she had to have me
she fell victim to my old world charm
I took the wine and a napkin or two
then followed her straight to a bed
in the back of the pool house near the bathroom
sat down and she gave me head

I managed to flip her over the bed
but knocked an end table down
it fell on the CD player that broke
when it hit the floor it made an awful sound
some how a candle fell to the floor
then the drapes caught on fire
and all the while I was doing her
I was burning with desire

We went at it like two junk yard dogs
the evening was hot and wild
I did her just as hard as I could
all she did the whole time was smile
the room started filling up with smoke
she pushed me off and then she said
you got to stop there's a fire in here
please let me off this bed

I grabbed my shoes, my pants and shirt
she picked up her summer dress
we ran out of the pool house screaming
we both looked a mess
the other people at the affair
heard us screaming and saw the fire
and if you think I'm bullshitting you
one thing I am not is a liar

The pool house burned and the smoke was black
people were leaving the affair in a panic
she smiled at me standing there naked
her smile was a bit satanic
her friend came over to me
said what the hells going on
I said she wanted it as bad as me
and we didn't do anything wrong

The fire department arrived on the scene
the finally put the fire out
we invited them to stay and eat with us
they liked what we were about
later on about nine o'clock
when it started to get real dark
I saw some bosy light something
that flicker and then it sparked

Fireworks were high in the sky
as she was sitting right next to me
we didn't let something like a little fire
stop the big 4th of July party
but when the fire works caught fire
and started to explode on the ground
every one panicked and started running
we were the only two around

Somehow the dried high field grass
near the house caught on a fire
flames so hot and smoke so gray
I told her not to worry, I'd stand by her
we made our way to the pool
figured the water was the safest place to be
she didn't seem to mind the fire at all
all she wanted to do was play with me

I nailed her right there in the pool
I was going at for a while
some body walked by and saw us
all they did was nod and smile
the house started burning by this time
she came again then she said to me
I think it's best if we leave
this party's no place to be

The All American Fourth of July Picnic
that was planned by my family
turned out to be another disaster
but at least she was there for me
my uncle lost his pool house
and the back half of his home
I took her back to my place
so that she and I could be alone...

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The All American Fourth of July Picnic:
The Early Years

For one reason or another
it's still very fresh in my mind
I recall all the family picnics
we'd go to never knowing what we'd find
I was only just a kid back then
but I knew what was going on
the all American Fourth of July picnics we had
lasted from dusk to dawn

All my uncles and aunts would be there
my cousins and other family
people related to my grand pop
who had come over from Italy
old time Italian folk songs
played softly in the back ground
the men played cards and got real drunk
we kid's be running all around

My grand ma and my mother
would demand they be the one's to cook
and there would always be one surprise
but no one was allowed to look
until we all sat down at the table
passed the bread, wine and cheese
said our prayers like all good families should
then one of us would ask grand ma to show us please

I remember the pride in grand ma eyes
as she'd show her surprise to us
always more special than the year before
every one would make such a fuss
we'd pass the food and take our share
then eat until we were full
laugh and joke then eat some more
the men could all sling the bull

When the ladies worked together cleaning up
the men would go sit in the den
they'd start drinking and playing cards
I knew we'd not see them again
I'd go out back in the garden
maybe look for one of the cats
pick some fruit and if I was lucky
I'd get to throw stones at some'a the rats

I had this whole thing planned out
and I knew just want to do
about this time I'd go in with the men
get myself a sip of wine or two
my aunt would bring in the coffee
my mom would bring in desert
I'd stay with my dad and eat some
after all I was his little squirt

By the time I ate some cake with my dad
had a few sips and caught a buzz
I'd go back into the dinning room
where most every one else was
I'd take my place at the table
with a great big smile on my face
I'd eat desert all over again
I really loved my grandma's place

The years passed and I got older
everyone caught on to my routine
by then I wasn't into that any more
I was older now, know what I mean
now I am sitting at the card table
with a glass of wine in front of me
hanging out with my uncles
the way it's supposed to be

For one reason or another
it's all still very fresh in my mind
I recall all the family picnics
we'd go to never knowing what we'd find
of course most of all my family
has died or else moved away
but I can remember our All American fourth of July picnics
just as clear as if it were yesterday
©2001 Jim Nasium

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