Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

High In The North Of Peru

When I first pulled into town that day
I tell you I will never forget
the feeling that overwhelmed me
it was a feeling of pure regret
I asked my self why was I here
how on earth would I make it through
this small town at the end of the road
high in the Andes of North Peru

The dust from the bus pulling away
covered me and made me sad
there was nothing in this town at all
it's hay day had been had
long ago it was a mining town
they dug for diamonds, emeralds and gold
I'll never forget the time I spent there
when I was young and bold

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I walked from the court yard fountain
across the street to the only hotel
I smiled at the desk clerk
he smiled back like he knew me well
I said I'd like a room for the night
I'll need a phone and a bath
he grabbed a pencil and paper
then started doing the math

I gave him one ten thousand Sol bill
his eyes got as big as could be
he started crying when I told him that
he didn't have to give any change to me
he carried my bag to the top floor
gave me the very best room
asked me if I wanted a whore
or a little cocaine to break my gloom

He showed me to my private bath
then fluffed the pillow on my bed
he said for the right money
he'd be happy to give me head
I asked him to leave me alone
said I had some things to do
up in the mountains not far from here
this little town high in the North of Peru

I locked my door and made my calls
took a shower and got dressed
I had been on the road for days
I was starting to look a mess
a few large lines would fix that up
so I gave the desk clerk a call
he came to my room quickly
I couldn't believe what I saw

He stood there in his little cap
he had a bell hops red suit on
next to him was a young hooker
red hair and her legs were long
he said "I got your cocaine
I got you some wine too"
I never left my room that day
high in the Andes of North Peru

The next morning found me sleeping
face down on the floor
next to me was the bag and bottle
and the sweet red haired whore
she smiled when she woke up
asked me what I wanted to do
she said "it'll be a beautiful day today
high in the Andes in the North of Peru"

We showered and put on some robes
called room service for a meal
she told me I was the best she had
no one ever made her feel the way she feels
I smiled and then told her
that I already had some plans
I had to go meet some friends
she smiled and said she understands

The desk clerk who'd been up all night
came in my room with a food cart
he said I'd have to pay for the damage
it looked like we tore the room apart
I handed him ten thousand Sols
told him to do what he had to do
then we ate breakfast out on the balcony
over looking the North of Peru

I made plans to see her again
then asked her if she'd please leave
she knew I was up to something
I always have a trick up my sleeve
within an hour after she left
a car came round to get me
we're off to a site not far from here
there are many ruins nearby to see

It was good to be with my friend again
I hadn't seen her in so long
the moment that the car took off
she started singing her siren song
telling me tales of the love she has
deep in her heart for me
she wanted us to be together
from now on through eternity

The car stopped at a narrow dirt road
we were met there by a jeep
she said I could have all that I want
but that nothing up here is cheap
the man who had been driving the car
smiled and said "that's the truth"
he looked so funny to me
with his one gold tooth

I told her I didn't have a lot of time
that I wanted to get back
I was only here for one thing any way
she said "ok, here's the fact
I got the stones you asked for
they're waiting in the jeep
but take my advice and leave town
it won't be safe here for you to sleep"

The jeep was waiting and full with gas
so I went back to the hotel
I grabbed my stuff and left right away
but I recall my time there well
I drove for a day then found a place
down on the coast in North Peru
spent some time just kicking back
doing what ever I wanted to do

When I pulled into town that day
I tell you I'll never forget
the feeling that over whelmed me
was a feeling of pure regret
but now that's behind me
I'm glad I took the chance and made it through
the small town at the end of the road
high in the of North Peru
©2002 Jim Nasium

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