Poetry by Jim Nasium

Aunt Flo

She's a very classy lady
pleasant most of the time
but every now and then
the way she acts is a crime
she'll go from being happy
to angry, mean and rude
from daring and adventurous
to quiet and very much the prude

She asked me to "come over"
said she'd "cook us something to eat"
and that "if I was a good boy"
she'd "give me a real treat"
and do her best to please me
so I hurried over to her house
when I got there she was all curled up
with a blanket as quiet as a mouse

She said "I'm not cooking dinner now
my Aunt Flo's back in town"
I didn't understand her at all
because I saw no one else around
she said "you'd better take me out to eat
wait a minute while I get dressed"
I didn't get the Aunt Flo thing
but now I know I should'a guessed

In the bathroom she was crying
throwing things against the wall
when she came out she started to shout
I couldn't believe what I saw
she was not the same lady
that called me on the phone
inviting me to her house for dinner
just the two of us alone

She drove us to a cafe in her car
speeding all the way
I asked her to slow down
she didn't listen to a word I'd say
she almost crashed into a car
when we slid into the parking lot
it's easy for me to forgive her though
I really like this girl a lot

The meal was rather tasty
the wine a very good year
I thought that I would be getting some
but had to face my worst fear
when she said "her Aunt Flo's back in town"
I didn't know what she meant
but it's to late to change things now
all my money has been spent

She got bitchy and started complaining
that nothing was any good
I asked her to explain her actions
she said "I wish I could"
then she drove us her back to her house
there was no other person there
but she said "you can't come in
because Aunt Flo is here"

©2002 Jim Nasium

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