Poetry by Jim Nasium

I hope you enjoy these new poems I call

On Days When
A few short poems about different kinds of days...
by Jim Nasium

On days when it'd be raining
there wasn't much to do
I didn't have electricity down there
had to wait till the rain was through
everything smelled so fresh and clean
there was an energy in the air
it was long ago but I still remember
and sometimes I wish I were still there


On days when it was sunny
I'd hide in the shade of a tree
some stranger would always join me
give me some for free
we'd sit around and take a trip
but we'd go no where at all
it's hard to explain it all to you
you have no idea what I saw


On days when I was busy
time went by so fast
days turned into weeks
then one day at last
free time was mine and so I'd go
into town to get myself a treat
the days that I was busy
were really rather neat


On days during the tourist season
I stayed back in the bush land
none of the folks who came on vacation
could ever understand
this wasn't a place to visit for me
then leave and go back home
to me this was my home now
so I stayed in the bush alone


On days that I stayed up all night
I heard the strangest sounds
animals out in the jungle
calling to each other all around
the stars were brilliant in the sky
the moon was always there
I'd lay out on the roof of my home
happy with out a care


On days called the morning after
I always feel like hell
but I know I'll do it again
I know that all too well
it's sad but true I'm helpless
alone with out a friend
I know I shouldn't but I also know
that I'll most likely do the same thing again
©2001 Jim Nasium

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