Poetry by Jim Nasium

Moulin Rouge

This poem is based on the movie Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce that I just saw and loved! The movie is as surreal as any Fellini film I ever saw, and that inspired my muse to inspire me to write

Moulin Rouge

It was not that long ago
on a warm Paris night
I was invited to Moulin Rouge
while there I thought I might
take a chance at love again
when I saw her standing on stage
she was slated for another man
I felt like a wild animal in a cage

They called her the shinning diamond
her friends were the diamond dogs
the men in this place were boring
they sat there like bumps on a log
I stood up to recite my poetry
then I sang a song to her out loud
I saw her fall in love with me
right there in front of the crowd

She called me to come up on stage
so I slowly made my way
happy and nervous at the same time
not sure what I would say
once I was standing next to her
this woman, my dream come true
I took a deep breath and reached for her hand
she was a little nervous too

We danced around in circles
love quickly filled our hearts
some of them saw it as her end
but to us it was a fresh start
we knew at last we had found
what we were looking for
me the penniless poet
she a common whore

Was late one night in Moulin Rouge
she was doing her final act
for no reason that I could think of
suddenly I was attacked
I fought off my assailants
saw her laying on the floor
by the time I managed to get to her
she wasn't breathing any more

I sit and write her story now
that woman from Moulin Roughe
the words come to me easily
inspired by my muse
I miss her more than anything
but that was yesterday
tomorrow I'll find another love
and then I'll be ok

moulin roughe means Red Windmill in French

©2002 Jim Nasium

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