Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Lonely Junkie

The lonely junkie sits in his room
he hasn't too much to say
he does the very same things
day after day after day
up real early to bum a ride
down to the bad side of town
to panhandle and collect money
from everyone else that's around

a short walk to the corner
where he meets the man
they go back to the crack house
to be alone, you understand
they cook it up and do it
relax and smoke a little rock
some freak comes round and asks him
if she can suck his cock

all she wants is a little bit
of the bag he's about to do
down that way all the freaks
will do anything you ask them to
just to get a little buzz
it's sad but it's true
I can't understand why
this is all the lonely junkie likes to do

the day goes by real slowly
there isn't too much to do
he sits around doing bags
till all of his money is through
he goes home to be sick all night
as he waits for first light of day
then he'll do it all again
day after day after day

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©2002 Jim Nasium

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