Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Back Street House / My Free Time

I offer you two poems about a place I know,
a small back street house loaded with pleasure...

The Back Street House

I walked into the back street house
just about as horney as can be
I told the man who runs the place
to give his best girl to me
he took my money and gave me a key
to a room up stairs and down the hall
he handed me some towels and things
said "have your self a ball"

I never had this girl before
she was as pretty as can be
she was healthy and had a brain
willing to do anything to please me
I did just what I went there for
took my time cause I wanted her to know
that I can use what God gave me
I'm not your average joe

Our time together went by fast
we went around the world
she lay there well used and satisfied
her hair was no longer curled
there was a wet spot on the bed
that went from side to side
from the bottom all the way to the top
we soaked the sheets with pride

"You only paid for one hour" she said
"your time's up so you gott'a leave now
I'm tired and sweaty and need a bath
besides I got a client coming in an hour
please get dressed and leave right way
I can't let him see you here"
I said "ok I'm on my way
you've made your self very clear"

"Why you leaving so soon" he said
when I walked through the lobby down stairs
I got plenty of other girls you can use
some dark some light, some fair
I said "no thanks, I've had enough
to last me a day or so
I got a lot of stuff to do yet today
so I'd better go"


My Free Time

I did everything I had to do
every one in my life is ok
I got my self some free time at last
so I figured it's time to play
I took the short drive to the city
park my car and pay the man
he knows what I'm here for
he seems to understand

I walked into the back street house
with one thing on my mind
the thing that I'm here looking for
is a young lady to be friendly and kind
the price is worth it no matter what
I mean where else can I go
to do what I want to do
where no one will ever know?

I walked right into the main room
all the working girls were sitting there
most of them had nothing on
but Victoria's Secret underwear
they all rush over to talk to me
they remembered I tip real good
they all say that they want me first
and would do anything that they could

I walk up the wide circular stairs
to a room at the end of the hall
we both knew what we're going to do
my little soldier was standing real tall
she locks the door behind me
said "ya wanna pay me up front"
I told her to wait till she heard me out
then explained exactly what I want

I walk over to the big double bed
take my clothes off and got in
this is the first time I've been with this girl
and what I plan to do is almost a sin
I tell her things on my mind
she tells me that'd I'll be ok
this is the best place for me to go
when I get some free time to play

©2002 Jim Nasium

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