Poetry by Jim Nasium

Things I LOVE about Colombia S.A

There's so much I love about Colombia
once there I didn't want to leave
even though I had to always be on guard
and have a trick up my sleeve

I enjoyed climbing mountains
running through an open field
swimming in rio negro
once there my fate was sealed

I loved the beaches and ocean
the jungle and rain forest too
the campo and the mountains
to just name a few

I really loved the exchange rate
the price of things, too
I loved the fact that I was free
to do what ever I wanted to do

I loved the people most of all
to me they were always so kind
I enjoyed searching for ruins
and monoliths I would find

I loved taking short trips out'a town
on a horse that would last all day
some times when I got to places
I really wanted to stay

I had fun on long bus rides
some would last a day or two
I was always moving around
to see some place new

enjoyed my time with a circus
Circo Wilson was it's name
we traveled all over Colombia
playing the circus game

I loved the fruits and vegetables
didn't eat much red meat
the fresh sea food I had there
was always a special treat

I loved the pad de queso
and other bakery treats
I enjoyed my time at the bull fight
I had really good seats

I loved the sexy ladies
I'd meet on the bad side'a town
it was worth a few pesos
to spend time with them and get down

now remember I was there in the 70's
a long haired red eyed hippie
and the mushrooms I'd find out in the fields
made me feel real trippy

The herb was sweet the coca pure
the price was always right
often times I got hung up somewhere
for three days one night

I loved learning a new language
Spanish is romantic they say
all I needed to do was practice
and I got better every day

I'd explore new magical places
some place new each week
go way out in the middle of nowhere
for an adventure and to get a peek

of the earth the way it was meant to be
untouched by the hands of man
unless you've been in el campos de Colombia
you'd never understand

I loved the valley of BonBon
where it rains butterflies every day
and I made many friends
as I went on my way

Started up on the North Coast
went slowly South into Ecuador
stop in ever city going East to Amazonias
after all the time I spent there I wanted to spend more

got hung up on the west Coast
it's so very nice out there
I tried to keep my karma clean
what I had I was willing to share

to me at that time Colombia was paradise
and I'm sorry I didn't stay
to be honest with you I LOVE COLOMBIA
and wish I were there today...

©2001 Jim Nasium

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