Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Magical Salad

On warm summer mornings while the tall grass was still wet with morning dew and as morning birds sang their songs we'd walk the few miles out into the bush land. The walk only took about an hour following the narrow path heading South from the small coastal town I was staying in. I'd go out to the fields to clip fresh green leafy buds off the tippy top of the plants that would be waving gently in the warm Jamaican ocean breeze, sucking up the warm Jamaican morning sunshine.

Some of the fatter, stickier green leafy tops would be put off to one side, then stored away hanging upside down, to allow them to dry, and to be smoked at some later date... Most of the smaller leafier tippy top buds were the ones best for eating, raw, in a nice salad.

All of the freshest, greenest, stickiest leafy buds that were put away as food would end up, sooner or later, finding them selves being cut up and thrown into a large soup bowl, not unlike the one you use, and gently mixed with vegetables like fresh tomatoes, fresh carrots, fresh green, yellow, and red sweet bell peppers, celery, boiled egg, some acki, a few hot cherry peppers, olives, sweet yellow baby corn cobs, and maybe some snow pea pods,and of course onions, and cheese...

Many times left over meat from one meal or another would find it's way into the salad but more likely than not every salad would always be dressed with oil and wine vinegar, a true Italian dressing... Often times sweet ganja cake, or ganja bread would be served as a side dish, to assure one a wonderful time while eating the magical salad, and for hours after the meal was finished, and the sitting was complete.

Once the THC from the fresh green leafy buds and cake would digest, and mix with the sweet ganja tea cake we'd wash our green leafy bud salad and ganja cake down with, a wonderful time was in store for the rest of the day; red eyed and free many an adventure started out on a full belly.

I could go on and on about Salads, but won't...

©2001 Jim Nasium

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