Poetry by Jim Nasium

I hope you enjoy this new poem I call

Dec. 7th 1973

We've been here in this little town
for more than a few days
and since we found the mushroom fields
we sort'a got stuck in our ways
every morning before dawn
we'd make our way to the field
something about being out there
was magical and it actually healed

On Dec. 7th 1973
some time in the early morning
we sat in the fields eating mushrooms
then with out warning
the sky got dark there was an eclipse
so we sat and watched for awhile
it got so dark the stars came out
and that made us smile

Just then off towards the south
a comet shot across the sky
we didn't know what was happening
and we certainly didn't know why
the show we watched came to an end
we were so blown out of our minds
we couldn't be sure if what we saw was real
so we decided to do a few lines

The day went by way too fast
it was time to go back to town
we still weren't sure if what we saw
was what really did go down
a few days later while in the city
I bought a recent newspaper
and even though I was all blown out
I wanted the fact of this caper

The photo I saw on the front page
told me what I saw was real
that day we saw the total eclipse
and the way comet Kauteck made me feel
was something I just can't explain
but I swear to you it's true
I've never seen anything like that again
and I don't think I'm going to

The day was Dec. 7th
the year was '73
one day while out in the fields
something happened to me
I saw an event take place in the sky
that came with out warning
I never will forget that day
and what happened that morning

©2001 Jim Nasium

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