Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

That Sound I Heard

I'd been in town for too long
it was time to get away
I thought I'd go to the mountains
maybe stay a week and a day
packed my car with camping stuff I had
headed out on the main highway
I knew what my soul needed
and I planned to get some'a it today

The drive up to the mountains
went by pretty fast
before I even knew it
I was there at last
parked my car in a safe spot
started to unpack
the air smelled so fresh
I was happy to be back

A few hours had passed by
my camp site was looking good
so I went and collected firewood
like all good campers should
it didn't take long to start a fire
then while sitting in my easy chair
I started to read a book
there wasn't much else to do there

The sun went down lighting up the sky
what a show I saw in the West
it was darker than it got in the city
so I put my karma to the test
felt safe out there all alone
the powers that be looking out for me
just when I thought every thing was ok
I heard something I couldn't see

Although it sounded like a bear
I knew there were none here
but I know I heard that sound
even though I saw no one out there
not sure exactly what to do
I reached over for my gun
put myself on full alert
no time now for having fun

* Part Two *

Crickets chirped as locust sang
the moon was full that night
the river near by was very still
but I could tell something wasn't right
the leaves moved as a breeze passed by
behind me I heard a sound
I turn to see who it was
but there was no one around

The camp fire sort'a blinded me
so I took a few steps back
reached down and got my 45
that was laying near my back pack
picked up a flash light that I had
stood as still as I could be
then I heard that sound again
I wondered what could it be

I stood there for a little while
my heart was in my mouth
the moon was bright as it could be
way up in sky in the South
maybe about ten minutes went by
I didn't hear a sound
sure that no one was there
I was just about to sit down

The fire snapped and sparks flew
I could feel some thing run past me
I was too slow with the flashlight
it was too dark for me to see
I drew my gun and stood ready
knowing something was after me
then I heard that sound again
I wondered what could it be

Just then my tent was torn apart
pulled right out of the ground
it disappeared into the night
but I couldn't see anyone around
next thing I knew I heard that sound
it came from every direction
I aimed my gun and turned on my flashlight
it was time for a closer inspection

No matter where I placed the light
there was nothing at all to see
if I looked straight ahead
the sound came from behind me
when I turned to the left
the sound came from my right
I had no idea what was going on
but this was no way to spend a night

Picked up my canteen and put out the fire
that had dwindled to coals and hot ash
tied up and put on my back pack
then I grabbed my stash
I made my way through the dark
wondering what happened to my tent
I walked in circles for an hour or so
wondering where in the hell my car went

The fire was out the tent was gone
I had no idea what happened to my car
I was alone up in the mountains
the nearest town was pretty far
I walked towards the waters sound
started following the river down stream
I was so confused and a little scared
I'm sure you know what I mean

* Part Three *

I walked along the rivers edge
there was no one around but me
I thought I heard that sound again
but how in the hell could that be
I can't see anyone any where
yet there's something in the air
feeling like I was being followed
but there was no one else near

The river started to get wider
there were cliffs on either side
I knew it was time to get wet
time to swallow my pride
I took of my shoes and tied them
to the back pack I had with me
I knew that every thing would get wet
there was no other choice I could see

Floating along with the current
I guess I went for a mile
starting to feel pretty safe
actually cracked a smile
just then the river took a bend
I was washed to the left shore
stood up and looked around
heard that sound once more

I ran as fast as I could
screaming out "leave me alone"
there was no time to stop and wait
to see if I could use my cell phone
I just kept on running and running
found my self on top of a hill
what I saw in the valley below
gave me goose bumps and a chill

My car was sitting on the ground
it had been taken all apart
strange little men were walking around
they damn near stopped my heart
standing as still as I could be
trying not to make a sound
knowing it best if they didn't see me
but I wanted to hold my ground

I heard the little men speaking
they said words I never heard
sometimes when they talked louder
they almost sounded like a bird
some sounded more like animals
but none of them sounded like men
then I felt something behind me
and I heard that sound again

I turned but it was too late
they threw a net over me
some one must of knocked me out
all went black and I couldn't see
in the morning when I woke up
my tent and car were still where
I put them so it must have been a dream
but I'll never forget that sound I heard up there...

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©2001 Jim Nasium

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