Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

One Line Is Too Many

One line is too many
trust me because I know
when your dealing with the lady
that's just the way things go
you start our with a few lines in mind
next thing ya know it's all ready night
you're glued to the chair with a straw up your nose
and you're not feeling right

One line is too many
it feels so god damn good
some folks claim they can control it
but me, I never could
lost for years in a snow storm
high in the Andes of Peru
when I say that one line is too much
trust me my friend, it's true

One line is too many
that's just the way it goes
you start to cook some up
it's fun to free base snow
drop it in your little glass pipe
let it melt as it sizzles down
take a hit and your ears ring
then you're bugging on the ground

One line is too many
by now it's your third day
snorting and smoking don't get it
ya get high but it just don't stay
there's only one thing left to do
get out the cold hard steel
fill that bitch up to the top
now that will make you feel real

One line is too many
ten thousand are not enough
you'll stay up three days one night
when it's over you're looking rough
it's sad but true I know it
I had to learn it all the hard way
one line is to many
that's all I'm going to say...

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©2001 Jim Nasium

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