Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium

The Summer Of '72

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
I was still a very young man
had no idea where I was going in life
to lazy to set up a plan
raised in a good old fashion home
the 70's were strange to me
but I went with the flow and wouldn't ya know
I became a real hippie

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
a year I could never forget
never before a year like this
there hasn't been another yet
things that people were doing then
were still all very new
even though it was against the law
no one gave any slack to you

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
my hair was down to my ass
when dealing with young ladies then
you didn't have to bother with tact or class
"hey babe ya wanna ball"
was all you had to say
the hippies chicks would be happy
to go home with you and stay

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
the start of an era of pure delight
suddenly everything we knew
to be wrong was considered right
love beads and patched up blue jenes
T shirts with a colorful head band
bell bottom pants made it hard to walk
but they were way cool man

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
and I never will forget
I wouldn't change one thing
haven't one regret
I did the things that hippies did
but just not in the USA
I found a place called The Third World
so that's where I went to play

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
love and peace were in the air
everyone was into doing drugs
they also loved to share
we walked around all blown out
just got higher and higher each day
a time in history like none before
how I wish them days could stay

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
the government was talking war
some of us went off to the nam
no one knew what we were fighting for
we sent them things like LSD
they sent us opium and hash
we were very stoned way back then
but we made a lot of cash

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
and I never will forget
the things we got away with
would balance the national debt
every thing ya did was still new
you could get away with any thing
no one expected you to be up to no good
it was easy to pull the right string

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
and I was just a young a man
I had no idea what was going on
but it wasn't hard to understand
I tried my best to go with the flow
but knew I didn't belong here
I made my way to another place
to be a hippie where no one would care

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
the whalers played for free on the beach
they weren't called the Whalers then
but never the less bob marley still preached
bunny whaler sang while peter tosh played
jimmy cliff sat on the sea wall with me
we shared a spliff and passed the time
the way life was meant to be

T'was the summer of '72 my friend
on an island that was like paradise
every one there was more than fair
they always treated hippies nice
some of us stayed and built houses
while others moved farther south
some found home and settled down
with some children and a spouse

seriously, I could go on, and on
there's so much to tell about the 70's...

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©2001 Jim Nasium

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