Poetry & Art
by Jim Nasium


The Call Girl

The very first time I had her
was about two weeks ago
it was her first time with me
so I tried to take it slow
I paid her in advance
she got down on her knees
I pulled down my pants
she started to please

She told me that she loved
the taste of flesh on her lip
she really enjoyed giving head
liked to tease the tip
loved to be tied to the bed
and taken every where
the girl was an animal
but I didn't care

The second time I called for her
she brought a bag of toys
she demanded I use them all on her
said it brings her much joy
I only paid for two hours
but she stayed the whole night
even though she is well used
she still gets wet and is tight

She let me do things to her
I could never do to you
but none of that matters now
after all you and I are through
I find it to be easier
to pay for what I want
at least I don't have to deal with
a smart mouth lazy cunt

The third time that I called for her
she came with a big suit case
she said she loved to stay with me
wanted to move into my place
she said of all the men she had
no one could make her feel
the way I do when I do her
this was starting to get way too real

I took her right there on the floor
did her long and hard
then we went out in the garden
she wanted to do it the yard
when I was finally done with her
I handed her the money
told her that she had to leave
it was the last time she'd see me

I'm not into getting serious
I don't want to get married
not into having a steady girl
that's way too real for me
I'm too busy for that kind of thing
and I have learned my lessons well
love and falling in love to me
is a nightmare, a living hell

After trying my luck at love again
with you and it just didn't work
I realize now it was a mistake
and I may be a self centered jerk
but I can do what I want to do
I'm able to pay my own way
from now on when I want to fuck
I'll call a call girl for the day...

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©2001 Jim Nasium

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